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Racing the Conditions in the First NSR of 2018
After a week of extreme conditions and an evolving schedule, the first NSR of 2018 is complete.
Weekly Instagram Highlights
Weather extremes, photo bombs, cox tosses and more in a new edition of Weekly Instagram Highlights added on Friday.
Updated Today:   Results  |  Gallery  
2018 Manny Flicks
(4/22/2018)  8 galleries -- 1713 photos
2018 Mason Invite
(4/22/2018)  3 galleries -- 585 photos
2018 Mercer Sprints
(4/22/2018)  6 galleries -- 1375 photos
2018 SIRA Championship
(4/21/2018)  2 galleries -- 428 photos
Washington at California, women
(4/21/2018)    122 photos
Washington at California, men
(4/21/2018)    154 photos
Bates, Colgate at MIT heavy men
(4/21/2018)    46 photos
Bates, Dartmouth, URI at BC open women (4/21/2018)    92 photos
Columbia, Cornell at MIT light men (4/21/2018)    58 photos
Columbia, Syracuse at BU heavy men (4/21/2018)    64 photos
Georgetown, Penn at Princeton light men (4/21/2018)    191 photos
BU, MIT, Harvard-Radcliffe, light women (4/21/2018)    86 photos
Georgetown at Princeton light women (4/21/2018)    91 photos
2018 NSR I
(4/19/2018)  6 galleries -- 533 photos
Row for Autism
(4/15/2018)    55 photos
Weather extremes, photo bombs, cox tosses and more!   more...

Check out this week's Women's Weekend Roundup for a review of last weekend's races, what races are scheduled for this weekend, and how teams fared in the poll results in the NCAA Women's Weekend Roundup.    more...

The men's regular season is inching toward the regional championships, and the "races that define your season," still there are a few duals that happen that have historical importance to the schools involved. One of the is sandwiched into the a busy weekend of racing overall, and takes place this at Redwood Shores.    more...

Racing the Conditions in the First NSR of 2018
row2k features: Racing the Conditions in the First NSR of 2018
Conditions at the 2018 NSR made getting the racing in as interesting as the racing. It came a day ahead of schedule, but the finals are complete and the results are in.   more...

April 23, 2018
Access, politics Collegiate History HS/Scholastic/Junior Irish News NZ news Ocean/Open water rowing UK News
Loose Seal
April 22, 2018
Collegiate HS/Scholastic/Junior Indoor rowing Irish News NZ news Ocean/Open water rowing
April 21, 2018
Access, politics Collegiate HS/Scholastic/Junior Industry News Irish News Ocean/Open water rowing UK News
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