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SCAM WARNING! Personal Rowing Ads Only! 
Beware of scams that are happening on Internet classified boards and auction sites worldwide; several such scammers have approached row2k advertisers. The scam changes and morphs all the time, and is usually some form of Counterfeit Cashier's Check Scam involving overpayment, a "shipping agent," and the like. We also recommend that you speak to buyers and sellers directly on the phone. There's an easy rule: if it sounds shaky, it probably is. The row2k Classifieds are restricted to rowing-related advertisements only, and are not intended for use by commercial rowing companies, except for Help Wanted ads, which we do permit. Ads not conforming to these guidelines will be removed. Ads may be edited, removed, or declined at the sole discretion of row2k.
row2k's CLASSIFIEDS section is a public service for the benefit of the rowing community. You can post and view ads in several categories of essential interest to all rowers. Check out the features of the service, including expiration dates, options to renew or modify ads, and more.

PLEASE remove your ad when it is no longer applicable. When you place your ad, you will receive a password immediately, as well as in a confirmation email - Please Save This Email! You will need the Ad Number and Password when you return to delete the ad.

Finally, we ask that, if your ad is successful, please support row2k with a donation to row2k for the classifieds service. There will be instructions on how to do this in the email you receive when you place the ad. row2k is a bootstrap operation, and we need the help of folks who have been able to make and save money from the services we provide. row2k classifieds work!

Thanks, and we hope this service is useful!