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March 2, 2024
Cannonballs, Chicken Wings, Records, Bloopers and More!  more

First youth racing of the spring and row2k saw some things...let's Recap!  more

Flip tests, never ending songs, fire fighters, and more...  more

Snow, rainbows, Valentines, and more!  more

State of Masters Rowing Survey 2023
February 16, 2024
Faster Masters has published their second annual State of Masters Rowing Survey  more

Throwback photos, belly flops, sunrises, perfect water and more!  more

The northern hemisphere has entered the so-called ‘solar spring'  more

Epic sunrises, Olympic training, New Zealand rain, and more!  more

The American Athletic Conference (AAC) will no longer sponsor a Women's Rowing Championship after 2024.  more

How the End of the PAC-12 Impacts Rowing
January 30, 2024
2024 will be the last year for the PAC-12 Rowing Championship in its current form as schools head to new conferences.  more

The NCAA and ESPN have entered into an eight-year, $920M deal for broadcasting rights for 40 NCAA championships; rowing is not among them.  more

The US Department of Justice joined 10 states and the District of Columbia in an antitrust lawsuit that challenges NCAA restrictions and limits on transfer students.  more

New legislation passed at NCAA Convention may lead to end of D2 Rowing Championship in 2027.  more

6 months out, time lapse, octuples, and more!  more

Rainbows, grandmas, sunrises, and more!  more

Bounce houses, Golden Belts, 200 days out, and more!  more

"King Day is not a day off but a day on."- Coretta Scott King - use hashtag #rowersmlkdayofservice  more

Listen in on Bob Moch's comments about the crew, recorded in 2000, well before their story became a book and movie  more

2024, training camps, #tracy, and more!  more

row2k readers again sent in a slough of great pictures in 2023. Below are our our ten most-viewed reader POTD submissions from the past year!  more

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