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CRASH-B 2017: Big Ergs for Life
Increasingly we are seeing Masters Men & Women, folks in their 30s, 40s, 50s and even on into their 60s that are pulling times on the erg that might make some so-called youngsters blanch. ...more

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CRASH-B 2017: Rippin' in a Blizzard
The weather outside was frightful, and the erging inside was, if not delightful, typically hard and fast.    » more
CRASH-B 2016: Adaptive Rowers go the Distance (2016)
There are 26 adaptive events on the schedule at the CRASH-Bs now. row2k caught up with thletes and adaptive support staff at the CRASH-Bs to talk more about their experience with rowing as adaptive athletes.    » more
CRASH-B 2016: Hammer Sisters (2016)
Carie Graves and Ann Wopat tied for the win in the Women's 60-64 category, then discovered they'd grown up as "touch Wisconsin farm girls" only 35 miles apart.    » more
CRASH-B 2016: 35 Years of the Burn (2016)
The CRASH-Bs in an Olympic year always have a mellower flair to them, but maybe only if you are looking at the Open events; for Juniors and Masters, the CRASH-Bs are still the biggest, fullest roomful of hurt you can imagine.    » more

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