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JWC Saturday: Medals Won, Olympic Waters Tested
The 2015 Junior World Rowing Championships came to a close about 26 hours early today, and when it was over, a bunch of squads had put in all-time performances. ...more

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JWC Friday: Just Like Saturday, Only Earlier (2015)
Today was like any other Saturday at a Junior World Championships – except it was a Friday.    » more
JWC Thursday: Big Boats Bring the Speed (2015)
An odd day at a World Championships; the racing started with a single rep, continued with a long run of heats into midday, then resumed with quarterfinals and more reps, whew    » more
JWC Wednesday: The Calm Before the Storm (2015)
With 25 entries, only the men's single boasted the requisite 24+ participating countries to warrant Wednesday heats, so the honor, thrill, and potentially rattling responsibility of opening the 2016 Olympic rowing test event    » more
JWC Preview: Rowing in Rio Goes Ahhhh... (2015)
Typically when you attend an Olympic test event, your first experience upon arrival is a long trek out into the countryside to get to the rowing course. Not so in Rio.    » more

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