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About row2k

by Tony Clifton

History: row2k was formed in Spring 1997 in response to the utter absence of rowing information about a couple championships, especially the EAWRC Sprints, at which Ed had coached and still helps to run. After posting race times, dates, and directions to Lake Waramaug to a few dozen times in a few days, Ed threw up some homemade HTML and got the word out. row2k was born.

We started off modestly and without much knowledge of Web design, html, or much of anything about where we were headed; for the truth and the proof, see row2k when it was a few weeks old, on October 10, 1997.

row2k has since developed into what by most accounts is the most heavily trafficked rowing Web site in the world, and thus perhaps the most widely read rowing publication in any format ever? Everyone knows that Web sites are tricky business, especially as businesses - you can help us keep it going with your contribution.

Yes, we still all have dayjobs.

Any Seat, Any Boat, Any Time (ie., founder, publisher, waterboy): ed hewitt - Instagram
Techno: oli rosenbladt
builds stuff, breaks stuff, makes it better
advertising: contact us with advertising inquiries
Columnists: Rob Colburn
Ale Phillips
Janit Stahl
Tony Clifton
Uber Ruder
Past oars and swains:
Admin bin (on sabbatical): tom hewitt
fixed stuff, filled in potholes, sibling
No Crashes This Year?!?! Again?!?!? (retired) aimee gravelle
built some stuff
board moderators, saints, retired: RedFlag
linkage, clinkage: liz link wray
Contributor Hall of Fame: Sue Thomas, Luis Aparicio, Charles Ehrlich, Chook Wilson, Alex Brown, Dr. John Rudoff, Brett Johnson, Mary Incredible, Mike Schoback, James Worrell, Sue Crane, Verena Loch, Ewoud Dronkert
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