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row2k FAQ (in progress)

Why aren't our race results posted?
Timely posting of race results depends heavily on the race organizer or participants getting the results to us; we have several ways to submit results in our Submit Results screen, natch.

There is an error in the results; change it now!
row2k strongly prefers not to make critical changes to results based on emails that come in over the transom from folks other than the most responsible parties. If you see an error in race results, please contact the regatta organizer, results submitter, or coaches of the teams involved, and ask them to send us the correction, and we will make the change immediately.

Your calendar doesn't have our races!
Races can be added to our calendar by anyone - Submit Your Races Here!

Can you post our fundraiser? How about a notice about my missing rigger wrench?
We used to do these types of posts all the time, but with over 1300 clubs in the US alone, and each one likely to do at least one fundraiser or lose at least one item annually, each time we posted one, we got a half-dozen requests to post more, then repeat requests from the original poster, etc. The unfortunate outcome was that this became a drain on our resources that I couldn't sustain any longer, so we had to discontinue posting fundraiser and Lost and Found announcements. We also found that our efforts only occasionally came back to row2k, and in some cases the more we did for folks the more they demanded and complained. The policy is mostly related to our limited resources and not being able to do everything for everyone, but this last trend tipped the scale. That said, for programs that participate in supporting the site, we are much more open to these types of requests.

Why didn't you post the race preview/recap/news item I sent you?
Our policy on news items, particularly those covering upcoming and past races, is outlined roughly in this thus: "Our policy on news items is to post only those that add somehow to the understanding of the event; we've opted out of posting every results synopsis, particularly for those events for which we have already posted results. For items that are essentially a results recap, with no substantive race descriptions or quotes from the athletes or coaches, we will usually opt out. For race previews, the same standards apply; if it is information that is mostly covered by our calendar, we let the calendar do its job and leave those items out of the In the News section. Definitely feel free to send items, of course, and we'll post those that meet the guidelines. i hope that makes sense!"

You posted a news link that we don't like; why won't you take it down?
Our policy on news is typically to post all the news that is fit to print; this may sometimes include articles in which rowing people are quoted saying things they wish they hadn't said, or in which they feel they were misquoted, or the writer was unsympathetic to some extent. This is simply the nature of media coverage, and row2k can't control quality at other publications. However, experience with this issue has led us to feel strongly that we can't let folks cherry-pick the articles that get posted; please understand that this is not intended to be a malicious policy in any way. We will take a look if you ask, but please understand that it is far more likely that we leave it posted than take it down. Some items we won't post our of respect for folks families, privacy, and similar issues, but we reserve the right to make these decisions wholly internally at row2k.

You didn't post my picture in your gallery - why not?
We are very often quite comprehensive in our regatta coverage, but are not really in the "a shot of every boat" photography business. Our process is more just to take a lot of pictures and post the best of them.

Can we use a photo for our newspaper/magazine/media guide/Web site/advertisement/other?
row2k takes, uploads, and displays the photos free of charge for everyone to see, but further uses are not granted; we can't be rowing's pro bono photographer as well. If you can write row2k with the intended use, the publication, publication circulation, size and likely placement in the publication (inside 1/4 page, full-size cover, etc), and any other requested uses, we will send a rate quote asap.

I purchased a print of one of your photos; I can use it for our newspaper/media guide/Web site/advertisement/other, right?
We're sorry, no; prints are intended for personal use only. You can hang the photo anywhere you like, but rights to scan and reproduce the photos are not granted when you purchase a print. As above, row2k takes, uploads, and displays the photos free of charge for everyone to see, but further uses are not granted.

Please post a Daily Update notice about our upcoming regatta/Help Wanted ad/other. Our calendar, classifieds, and other sections are public and free, and we try to let them do the job they were intended to do; as a result, we usually don't move regattas and classified ads up to the front page as well. We can do so on a paid-posting basis; write us here if you would like to use this option.

You screwed up/I don't like your comment/your site is terrible; where do I complain? row2k is a FREE Website; we prefer to take complaints from those folks who support the site. You can be one of those people here!