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Movie announcements, selling out for the finish line, drone erging, and more!  more

row2k Exclusives

This week's row2k Interview is with Trinity senior captain Luke Taylor, who walked on to the Trinity team after playing four seasons of minor league baseball with the Seattle Mariners organization.  more

Gregg Hartsuff is looking for a few good athletes to join the US World University Championship team that will compete in Aug. 10-12 in Shanghai, China. The deadline to apply is March 9.  more

Competitive Edge

If you want or need to be good on the erg, you have to spend time on the erg  more

The ergometer is a great place to work on your catch as you don't have the blade to consider and can focus on the body motion  more

Reader Contributions

Every morning I sat on the terrace and waited for him. Night would fade to gray dawn, the sun's first rays struck the kilometer-high spire of Burj Khalifa,and then the sculler would appear.  more

Stanford lightweight rower Sarah Hirshorn on life and rowing lessons from her grandfather.  more

Book Reviews

In 50 years of coaching at Harvard, from 1963 until his death in June of 2013, Harry Parker left a trail of myth and legend alongside a long list of accomplishments. Toby Ayer's new book takes another look at both the myths and the man.  more

Boathouse Row is a Philadelphia landmark famous for the lights that welcome travelers and tourists at night and is synonymous with the origins of American rowing. But the story behind the structures and people is more than tale of athletes and boat clubs, and Dotty Brown's "Boathouse Row: Waves of Change in the Birthplace of American Rowing" captures those stories.  more

Equipment & Hacks

One logistical challenge that coaches often face is how to keep track of all of their athlete’s IDs. There are those certain summer regattas that require IDs on the dock. You either have to rely on the athletes to keep track of their ID on the water or you have to hang on to everyone’s ID while they row. Too many things can go wrong in either situation!  more

The A-Frame Boat Block is a very simple design that takes up minimal trailer space and it is incredibly easy to make!  more

Rowing 101

Rigging basics to get you started.  more

A starting guide for all the novice coxswains out there.  more

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