row2k Features
Training Part 3 - Favorite and Unique Workouts
College coaches weight in on their favorite workouts and workouts unique to their programs.  more

Competitive Edge
Cross-Training: Turkey Trot or Turkey Bike?

Is running or cycling the best cross-training for rowing? A growing body of evidence suggests that cycling may be as useful, and in some cases even a better mode of cross-training than running.  more
Technique Feature: Self-Coaching for Scullers, Pt 1

Scullers often have to coach themselves; here are some things to try to keep improving when you are on your own - Part 1 of 2  more

row2k Photo Features
November 22 in row2k History

In the absence of racing this fall, we are digging through our archives to highlight some of our favorite fall racing images from the past.  more
Behind the Photo: The Regatta Scene

One of the best parts about shooting for row2k is we get to cover more than just rowers out on the water. We get to capture what it’s like to be at a regatta.  more

Equipment & Hacks
Rowing Hack: The Dolly-ed Up Sling

Turn standard slings into rolling slings with the Dolly-ed Up Sling Hack  more
Steering Cable Trick: The Turner Tightener

This week we bring you a Rigger's Trick that is both an "in a pinch" fix and a bit of a value-added hack that can give your coxswains an improved "yep, your rudder is straight" indicator. The Turner Tightener  more

row2k Interviews

Book Reviews
Book Review: 'Mind Games' by Annie Vernon

In her new book "Mind Games," former GB rower and psychologist Annie Vernon has added a useful and readable addition to the canon of sports books, and it's worth reading for athletes and coaches alike; anyone interested in learning more about confidence, competitiveness, athlete development, race day nerves and more will be rewarded.  more
Book Review: Arshay Cooper's 'A Most Beautiful Thing'

Arshay Cooper's memoir "A Most Beautiful Thing," the true story of America's first all-Black high school rowing team, seems to be made for the present moment.  more

Reader Contributions
Diversity in Rowing, or the Lack Thereof

Rowing is an incredible sport with a rich history across the globe, but it needs to be accessible across class, gender, and racial lines  more
The Starting Bay

A poem by John Cumper, State national championship winner, 1975 to 1983; AUS National team coach 1991 to 2008; Currently technical adviser Ballarat Grammar School rowing program  more

Rowing 101
Nine Things to Know How to Do Before You Race Your Single

As rowers forced into small boats look to race the single for the first time, there are a few things to practice before you get to the starting line  more
Rowing 101: Ask the Ergmaker - Heel Heights and Settings on the Erg

The erg does not replicate all the nuances of rigging and boat fit, but it simulates the motions of rowing closely enough to make sure to optimize the various adjustment available on most ergs. C2 offers some guidelines on setting heel heights on the erg  more

An Evaluative and Comparative Measure of Coxswain Skill on a Men's Collegiate Rowing Team

It was our goal to establish a measurement tool which could reliably evaluate the ability of the coxswains as such a measure does not currently exist, and having one would allow rowing coaches to identify areas for improvement among student rowers.  more
The Magical Coxswain Cough Drop

So Ricola is claiming that with the Chrüterchraft (wth?!) in their cough drops, coxswains everywhere can ditch the headset and yell their lungs out.  more

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