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This Week's Best of Rowing on Instagram 7/3/2020
Henley at home, A Beautiful Thing, garage ergs, and more!  more

row2k Exclusives
Rigging - Red Flags, Adjustments, and Hail Marys

Following the cancellation of the 2020 spring racing season, row2k solicited the collegiate coaching community to engage in a variety of high-level topics within the profession. We submitted over sixty questions across a dozen topics and thank the coaches and staffs that found time to contribute their thoughts during this stressful time.  more
This Week's Best of Rowing on Instagram 6/26/2020

Father's Day, "eagles", Boathouse Row, and more!  more

row2k Photo Features
July 3 in row2k History

In the absence of racing this summer, we are digging through our archives to highlight some of our favorite summer racing images from the past.  more
Wayback Henley - Day 3

While Wayback Wednesday is typically a once a week feature, this week for the next 3 days, we are going to share with you classic Henley photo from a time before row2k made their way to the Thames; photos provided by HRR.  more

Book Reviews
Book Review: Arshay Cooper's 'A Most Beautiful Thing'

Arshay Cooper's memoir "A Most Beautiful Thing," the true story of America's first all-Black high school rowing team, seems to be made for the present moment.  more
Rediscovering 'The Red Rose Crew'

It's surreal to think that 20 years have passed since the publication of Dan Boyne's 'The Red Rose Crew.' Now, with the recent announcement hat Sports Illustrated Studios is the process of developing a film based on the book, the story of the 1975 US Women's Eight deserves another look.  more

Equipment & Hacks
Rowing Life Jackets: A Critical Coaching Tool

The morning I should have drowned was a chilly fall day. It was wicked early, and I was in my launch, checking buoys for a race.  more
 Trailer Trick: The Handle Handler

Time for a bit of a Rowing Hacker Confession: we don't make all of this up ­ and some of our most interesting Hacks are straight up, um, borrowed from way smarter folk.  more

row2k Interviews
row2k Interview: Onyeka Oguagha

Rutgers grad Onyeka Oguagha started rowing as a freshman walk-on, progressed to the RU women's varsity eight, raced at the World University Games, and is an aspiring senior team rower, recently pulling a 6:36 2K. row2k caught up with Oguagha to talk about her path from walk-on to international racing, her experience as a Black athlete in rowing, and her long-term goals in the sport.  more
Interview with Arshay Cooper of A Most Beautiful Thing - Part 2

Part 2 of a frank and powerful interview with Arshay Cooper, the author of A Most Beautiful Thing, and member of Manley crew with Malcolm Hawkins, Ray 'Pookie' Hawkins, Preston Grandberry, Alvin Ross  more

Reader Contributions
Lizzie Trull of UVA: Thoughts on a Rowing Season Cut Short

UVA senior Lizzie Trull describes her last days and row with her teammates, what is lost, and what she can keep  more
Be Nice To Everybody Day, 1968

Young men confined to s shared living space exhibit the tendency to commit, over time, deeds after fashion in the chart below; a case analysis from Room 506, Bradford Hall, M.I.T., Cambridge, MA from June to August 1968  more

An Evaluative and Comparative Measure of Coxswain Skill on a Men's Collegiate Rowing Team

It was our goal to establish a measurement tool which could reliably evaluate the ability of the coxswains as such a measure does not currently exist, and having one would allow rowing coaches to identify areas for improvement among student rowers.  more
The Magical Coxswain Cough Drop

So Ricola is claiming that with the Chrüterchraft (wth?!) in their cough drops, coxswains everywhere can ditch the headset and yell their lungs out.  more

Rowing 101
Rowing 101: Ask the Ergmaker - Heel Heights and Settings on the Erg

The erg does not replicate all the nuances of rigging and boat fit, but it simulates the motions of rowing closely enough to make sure to optimize the various adjustment available on most ergs. C2 offers some guidelines on setting heel heights on the erg  more
How to Get Started in Rowing

Getting into rowing can be easy. But it is a whole lot easier if you know where to look and how to get started. Here a quick guide for that moment when you think, "I'd like to start rowing."  more

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