row2k Features
Rowing Hack: The Portable Gear Rack
Need a place to stash all the stuff athletes show up with on Race Day? Hack up a Portable Gear Rack  more

row2k Book exclusives
Life is a Metaphor for Rowing, Ch. 25: Gatorade

In my single that summer of 1971, I train and train and train some more. All of a sudden, it's August. I'm at the U.S. Nationals regatta site by Friday morning  more
Life is a Metaphor for Rowing, Ch. 24: A Hero's Heart

The foundation and cornerstone of my training this summer is stadium stairs, brutal repeat sprints up the stands in Franklin Field, the football stadium on the Penn campus, one of the many innovations Ted Nash has brought to Quaker rowing  more

Equipment & Hacks
Checklist for the Start of Fall Season

The fall season is starting and while most of these items are common sense, in the chaos of starting a new season, it's easy to forget a few things. Here is a quick checklist  more
Rowing Hack: The Gas Cart

Tired of carrying the gas cans? Try the Gas Cart Hack  more

Competitive Edge
Technique Feature: Steering a Head Race

I encourage new rowers to make their first racing experience a head race. But the steering can be key.  more
Time of Day Matters for Endurance and Strength: Sports Science You Can Use

A few of the oldest questions in rowing revolve around optimal times for training and competition. Row in the morning and lift in the evenings? Or, lift in the mornings and row in the evenings? Race early or late?  more

row2k Photo Features
row2k Photo Feature: Laker Masters Moments

Some picks from our Carnegie Lake Regatta galleries  more
Best POTD's 2021 - December

We are now well into 2022, but it never hurts to take a look back. Every single day of 2021 we shared a new reader submitted Photo of the Day.  more

row2k Interviews
Tony Johnson: A Spring Back in the Launch at 81

This past spring, the Georgetown Heavyweight Men welcomed longtime coach Tony Johnson back into the launch to guide them for the spring season.  more
Portland's Maddie Olson

This week's row2k Interview is with University of Portland senior Maddie Olson. We chat with Olson on finding the sport, the role of being team captain, and more.  more

Book Reviews
Book Review: The Hammers - The Story of Harvard's Underdog and Undefeated 1976 Crew, by Hovey Kemp

Rowing historian and writer Peter Mallory reviews The Hammers by Hovey Kemp, who rowed four years (1972-1976) at Harvard.  more
Book Review: 'Learnings from Five Olympic Games' by Frances Houghton

Five-time GB Olympic rower Frances Houghton weighs in on the topics of teams, training, mindset, injuries, and more in her fine new book "Learnings from Five Olympic Games."  more

Rowing 101
Winter Rowing Safety: The Four-Oar and 90-Degree Rules

Know when to - and when not to - row using the 'Four Oar Rule' and the '90 Degree Rule'  more
Nine Things to Know How to Do Before You Race Your Single

As rowers forced into small boats look to race the single for the first time, there are a few things to practice before you get to the starting line  more

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