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Supporting Junior Rowing and Celebrating a Birthday - The Really Hard Way
Sammamish Rowing Association sculler and coach David DeWinter wanted to celebrate a milestone birth year and rowing anniversary with a challenge that would be worthy of each, a three-mountain hike and fund raiser with an erg on his back. He and OSU freshman and former Sammamish rower, Alex Sitzman, completed the trek Saturday.  more

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This Week's Best of Rowing on Instagram 10/11/2019

October mornings, dolphins, rainbows, and more!  more
Rowing After College: Filling the Gap Between College and Masters Rowing

Finding a way to stay in competitive rowing without chasing an elite career is sometimes a challenge for post collegiate athletes with career commitments. A group of women at Potomac Boat Club are hoping to change that and open up new opportunities.  more

Equipment & Hacks
row2k: Now there's an App for that

row2k is now an app for your iPhone, Android or Windows device!  more
The ID Keychain

One logistical challenge that coaches often face is how to keep track of all of their athlete’s IDs. There are those certain summer regattas that require IDs on the dock. You either have to rely on the athletes to keep track of their ID on the water or you have to hang on to everyone’s ID while they row. Too many things can go wrong in either situation!  more

Competitive Edge
Head Racing Tactics: Surviving the Chute

Understanding how a head race will be started, what the procedures will be getting through the chute and onto the course, and how to handle emergency situations when they happen, can make the difference between a successful result and an awful day.  more
Long-Haul Fueling: Nutritional Needs for Head Racing

Preparing for a head race has to include a good plan for when and what to eat. US national team performance dietitian Liz Fusco has some suggestions about what to do and what to avoid for head race season.  more

Book Reviews
Rowing Lessons, Simply Told

Fred Borchelt's new eBook, "Another Power 10," devotes 10 chapters to technique, training, psychology and all-around advice for rowers and coaches.  more
Andy Larkin's Life in Boats

Andy Larkin's rowing memoir, 'My Life in Boats, Fast and Slow' is anchored by the intriguing, seldom-told tale of Harvard's 1968 varsity, the US Olympic crew, and its role in the Olympic Project for Human Rights.  more

Reader Contributions
John Tracey Goes to Hungary Pt 6: The single and the double-the last two races

Having warmed up to the concept of going hell-bent-for-leather over 1,000 meters in the D single the day before (after lollygagging around Italy and Eastern Europe for two weeks), I was primed for the E single.  more
John Tracey Goes to Hungary Pt 5: The Road to Budapest

I was rested and ready to roll as I left Zagreb early on the morning of Tuesday, September 10th. I had some anxiety for several reasons, however  more

row2k Book exclusives

Rowing 101
How to Get Started in Rowing

Getting into rowing can be easy. But it is a whole lot easier if you know where to look and how to get started. Here a quick guide for that moment when you think, "I'd like to start rowing."  more
Basic Rigging

Rigging basics to get you started.  more

row2k Interviews
CREW by TrueRowing Debuts at Championships, Seeks 'Rowing Superstars'

Attendees at the ACRA and IRA Championships probably noticed that the medals backdrops had a big CREW on them; the sponsorships marked the public debut of CREW by True Rowing, a new company looking to bring live on-water workouts to ergs everywhere  more

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