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March 16, 2020
It was our goal to establish a measurement tool which could reliably evaluate the ability of the coxswains as such a measure does not currently exist, and having one would allow rowing coaches to identify areas for improvement among student rowers.  more

The Magical Coxswain Cough Drop
December 4, 2014
So Ricola is claiming that with the Chrüterchraft (wth?!) in their cough drops, coxswains everywhere can ditch the headset and yell their lungs out.  more

Pre-race warmups are probably one of a coxswain's most variable tasks.  more

Coxswains: Professional Voice Users
March 6, 2013
No matter how we try to define what a coxswain does, it always involves something along the lines of "yelling at people." So just like rowers take care of their knees, backs, wrists, and shoulders, coxswains must also take care of their voices.  more

Coxswain Veritas
Seth Bauer, 1987 World Champion, coxing The 1997 Head Of The Charles
September 20, 2010
Listen in and read along with the transcript as Seth and the 1987 Gold crew run the course in 1997.  more

Coxswain Veritas
Pete Cipollone, Olympic gold medalist, coxing the 1997 Head Of The Charles
September 20, 2010
Listen in and read along with the transcript as Pete and the 1997 US men's crew run the course in 1997.  more

Coxswain Veritas
Seth Bauer and Pete Cipollone Cox the 1997 Head Of The Charles
September 20, 2010
Listen in as 1987 World Champion and 1988 Olympic silver medal coxswain Seth Bauer and four-time World Champion coxswain Pete Cipollone guide their crews down the three-mile course at the 1997 Head Of The Charles.  more

Fixing the Set, One Detail at a Time
March 30, 2010
Fixing a boat’s set can be fiendishly complicated. Setting a boat properly depends on so many things -- and so many things, in turn, depend on the boat being set. It may seem counterintuitive that one of the ways to solve something as broad and overarching is to go at it in small details.  more

Oral-History: Richard Kellerman and Alix Kocher
November 11, 2009
Fascinating oral history with Richard Kellerman and Alix Kocher on the history of the CoxBox  more

Dark Waters: How to Read and Use Currents
October 13, 2009
How to identify and use river currents when racing.  more

Keeping Your Boat on its A-game between Moves
August 10, 2009
Every so often, someone will draw the rowing world's ire down upon his or her head by commenting that "a coxswain is like having a second coach in the shell."  more

Coxing with a Light Touch: Avoiding being too critical
May 21, 2009
It is all too easy to become the supercritical coxswain with the perfect eye, but whose boats -- somehow -- still don't pick up the speed we think they should  more

'...and Shimdi means Shimdi!'
November 19, 2008
For Turkey, which has lately felt the repeated snubs of the European Union, any international exposure is a welcome and important opportunity. It doesn't matter whether it is in soccer, music, or rowing (which is not even a very visible sport in Turkey).  more

Counting the Final Strokes to the Finish Line Accurately
September 24, 2007
There is a saying, "the last stroke you take is the last stroke you can take," so a coxswain can make a real contribution to a boat if the rowers know exactly how many strokes they have left.  more

Boat lineup are as much art as science. If you had a nickel for every rower who thought they should have been rowing some other seat, you could build your own boathouse.  more

Beginning of the Season Frequently-Asked Coxswain Questions
March 28, 2007
(Well, maybe not frequently, but they have come up.)  more

Whose Stroke Rating Is It Anyway?
January 15, 2007
The interaction between the Stroke and the coxswain in managing ratings is one of the more intriguing mental aspects of rowing  more

Coxswain Calls: What Your Engine Room Wants to Hear
December 5, 2006
A compilation of quotes by rowers on the subject of what types of calls they respond well to.  more

Guest Coxing the Head of the Charles 2006 – Donald 'The Rudder' Rumsfeld
October 18, 2006
As a service to the rowing community, Row2k scours the globe during head racing season, bringing underused and undiscovered steerspersons into the spotlight.  more

Choosing a Point vs. Choosing a Line
September 21, 2006
There are two basic aspects to steering a crewshell well: choosing a point to steer for and holding to it, and choosing a line.  more

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