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Upset Victory: A Review of Barry Strauss' New Book
August 31, 2004
Oarheads and coxswains will savor this book for the way it brings the art of maneuvering oared ships to life, down to the commands and training that were used.  more

Stuff Even Your Roommate Doesn’t Know -- Media Information Kits
May 6, 2004
Our crew's got Truth to spare. Want some?  more

A prepared, calm and steady coxswain is crucial to the confidence of the crew.  more

The Regatta-Ready Coxswain, Part I
March 8, 2004
The first of two columns intended to help coxswains prepare for the demands of race day  more

Tea Bags, Betadine, and Blisters
March 1, 2004
Dealing with blisters, from nurse and coxswain Megan Spence  more

The Final Ten Degrees: Pulse Steering vs. Constant Steering -- The Debate
February 20, 2004
The debate on the merits of pulse steering vs. constant steering  more

Other People’s Stuff –Goths, Vandals, and Other Successors to the Roman Fleet
January 26, 2004
“Our navy is quite impressive, but we would get destroyed in a land war”  more

Matrix Algebra on the Fly -- Hotseating and Hotboating
December 19, 2003
Oh, but this is the truly fun part of large, complex regattas. The part where either your crew really is a well-oiled machine, or else everything unravels in your face because somebody grabbed the wrong set of oars.  more

Sleeping Like It's Our Job!
November 24, 2003
Sleep is vital to physical and mental performance.  more

Point of Greatest Hazard III -- In Praise of Trailer Drivers
October 22, 2003
The Road leads ever on and on.  more

Postcards from “the Barracks”
August 22, 2003
Club rowing -- summer season. Some of the rowers from out-of-town have rented a gigantic 10-room unfurnished apartment they quickly name "the barracks"  more

When Bad Blisters Happen to Good People
July 10, 2003
Blisters happen; here's what to do.  more

Urgent and Confidential Business Proposal – Wet Socks
June 12, 2003
I have the courage to contact you in strict confidence as a reliable and honest person  more

Point of Greatest Hazard II - Launching Quickly at Crowded Regattas
May 8, 2003
Continuing on the premise that handling crewshells on land is at least as complex (often more so) than on water, we move to where the rubber really meets the road...  more

The Most Important Stroke of the Race – Calling the Settle
April 9, 2003
Some years ago -- very tentatively -- I went out on what I thought was a limb and affirmed that the first stroke of the settle was probably the most important stroke of the race.  more

That Schuylkill Accent
March 18, 2003
Wherein our columnist notes that "coxswains... don’t really sound like coxswains until they sound like Philadelphia coxswains"  more

'You'd Look Good in Our Engine Room'
February 13, 2003
Untangle some of the mystery of the recruitment process for high school rowers and coxswains.  more

Now that We're off the Water...Seasonal Rowing Disorders
December 13, 2002
With ice forming on the rivers and lakes (apologies for the northern hemisphere centrism), long dark months off the water can force certain entirely-explainable, yet disconcerting (to the civilian), adaptations and behaviors to get us through to spring.  more

Most serious damage to crewshells occurs on land, rather than on water.  more

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