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June 18, 2021
Let's face it: a whole lotta hacks in rowing are just ways to add stuff to our boats that probably should've been there in the first place and one of the key things that definitely should be in there--is a gosh-darn water-bottle holder.  more

Rigger Trick: The Oar Bag
June 10, 2021
Ever had to regatta in "passing thunderstorm" season? Well, then here is a simple hack you can slap on your handles before the rain starts: The Oar Bag.  more

The NCAAs were not the only event to make a return to the rowing calendar this past weekend: The Definitely Not Sanctioned or In Any Actual Way Affiliated and Otherwise Surely NOT N*AA Rigger's National Croquet Tournament.  more

Sculler Hack: The Swaddled Single
May 20, 2021
Both genius and maybe laziness wrapped snugly into a one cool trick: the Swaddled Single  more

Rowing Hack: The Electric Closet
May 6, 2021
Keep your electronics safe, organized, and charged with this hack from Jim Cooper  more

Today's Rowing Hack takes the PVC "hailer holding" to a neat and well-built extreme: from not-so-high above Cayuga's waters, we bring you: The Megaphone Holster.  more

Rowing Hack: The Oar Rack Hack
April 22, 2021
This hack serves as both storage and rolling transport  more

As we touched on in a Hack two weeks ago, with the return of racing it is high time to dust off all your trailer driving skills and tricks. A tip that makes backing up that now-fully loaded trailer a breeze: just grab the bottom of the steering wheel instead of the top as you look over your shoulder and, well, Back Up Better!  more

Seat racing may have been invented by the Sphinx of the Charles himself, but it was perfected on less rarified water than the Charles with the invention of the ultimate seat-racing hack: the Ham Sandwich of Truth.  more

You still can't attempt a Race Day on the road without having all your wrenches, spare parts, straps, and assorted gear sorted and ready to go  more

As a Rowing Hack, sometimes you do the Hacking, and sometimes the Hack finds you... The GWMR Gascarrier 1.0™.  more

Rowing Hack: The Goose Guy
March 10, 2021
Nothing gets under our skin like the geese that get on our docks. Here is yet another way to scare off hose scourges of clean, poop-free docks everywhere: The Goose Guy.  more

The Rowing Hacks are always on the lookout for cool new tricks and when we see an article entitled 'How Duct Tape Can Help You Survive,' we immediately think: is there a Rowing Hack here?  more

Erg Hack: The Handle Height Helper
February 18, 2021
Here is another hack that we've looked at before--originally as the Handle Height Tape Hack, but we'd like to suggest a bit of an upgrade!  more

We though this would be a good time to revisit a great Rowing Hack that a well-prepared coxswain might want to remember and hack up for themselves: The Coxswain's Water Bottle Tool Kit  more

Rowing Hack: Bow Number Bow Lights
February 5, 2021
Time to put all those extra bow numbers from that last big head race to work: Make your fleet some Bow Number Bow Lights  more

Rowing Hack: Tape Numbered Riggers
January 28, 2021
This week's hack is another deep dive into the Official Rowing Hacks Electrical Tape Use Hall of Fame, taking a look at a trick that can help make sure boats get rigged right when the rowers get involved: Tape Numbered Riggers.  more

Coach Hack: The Dowel Front Stop
January 21, 2021
Sometimes, the best way to teach a finer technical point in rowing is to hack up a way to prevent the athletes from doing it incorrectly in the first place. That is why this week's Coaching Hack is "The Dowel Front Stop"  more

Rigger Trick: The Wing Nut Top Nut
January 14, 2021
Here is a Rowing Hack that could be worth some of your winter downtime: converting the whole fleet to feature this slick rigger's trick: the Wing Nut Top Nut.  more

Stumped on what to get the Rowing Hacker in your boathouse for a sweet but also "useful to the effort" holiday gift? We're here to help  more

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