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Wakey Wakey
Latest rowing accessory is a rug
January 14, 2016
Alarm clocks today are easier than ever to sleep through – a smartphone that is proffering the gentlest ringtone you can download goes quiet with an easy swipe – and soon enough, the next sound to come out of the phone is a call from eight teammates and a coach standing on a dock with the boat in the water wondering where you are.  more

Rigger Tricks
Malt Vinegar to Clean Tracks and Deck
July 1, 2015
When in the English countryside...  more

Spend Your Money Wisely!
January 20, 2015

Usually during a break in the season one tends to take an inventory of the equipment they have and what they would like to have; your program may be doing the same now.  I have some thoughts on the topic, but before I begin what may be a bit of a “rant” I want to state that I began my rowing career on a club rowing team.  W  more

Rowing Hack
GoPro Stand On A Budget
December 19, 2014
GoPros footage of rowing is everywhere these days. Pictures and videos can be found from cameras mounted on drones, oars, or even a coxswain's head! I wanted to produce a cost effective GoPro mount that was cheaper than a professional mount, yet more effective than "others".  more

Trailer Trick
The Side Saddle Bike Carry
December 8, 2014
Got a fully-loaded trailer about to head south? Use this Rowing Hack to squeeze a few bikes on there, too: The Side Saddle Bike Trick.  more

Rigger Tricks
The Original Rigger Bungee
November 12, 2014
Ever used a Rigger Bungee? This week’s Rowing Hack reveals just how that nifty hack got its start one cold winter.  more

Coxing Hacks
The Survival Suit Carry-all
October 28, 2014
Coxswains have to cary a lot of stuff, so here’s a Rowing Hack just for them: The Survival Suit Carry-all.  more

Trailer Tricks
The Long-Haul Two-Tank Solution
October 14, 2014
Got a long trailer trip in your future, perhaps to that little regatta up in Boston? Here’s a rowing hack that could save you a few gas stops: the Long-Haul Two-Tank Solution.  more

Trailer Trick
Top Rack Hack - Loading Ladders
September 30, 2014
Having a huge shell trailer is nice when you have a lot of boats to haul, but getting that top rack loaded is a pain no matter how tall your biggest athletes are.  more

Coach Trick
The Erg Rigger
September 17, 2014
Just in time for teaching those new novices, this week’s Rowing Hack turns the erg into a sweep teaching tool: The Erg Rigger.  more

Rigger Tricks
The Cup-Cup Cup Holder
September 3, 2014
Attention coffee-craving coaches: this week's rowing hack might help you avoid spilling your java in the launch.  more

Coach Trick
The Trailer Flat Fixer
August 12, 2014
Next time you get a flat on your way to the races, try this neat hack to get back on your way a bit quicker: the Trailer Flat Fixer.  more

Coach Trick
The Wrench Carabiner
July 31, 2014
Tired of digging around for the one wrench you need? Try this week’s Rowing Hack—the Wrench Carabiner—to keep those wrenches together and skip all that rummaging.  more

Rower Tricks
The Track-Bite Guard
July 8, 2014
Here's a tip of the hacker cap to a great old hack that you don't see nearly as much anymore: using a cut-off sock to make a Track-Bite Guard.  more

Riggers Tricks
The Top Nut Holder
June 26, 2014
This week’s Rowing Hack: a great trip you can use to look like a rigging genius ­ The Top Nut Holder.  more

Boathouse Hacks
Sock-ed Riggers
June 11, 2014
Way back in 2012, we looked at a nifty way to keep hulls (and rowers) protected from the riggers of racked boats  more

Coach Trick
Boat Sling Anchors
May 14, 2014
This week's Rowing Hack is a neat Coach's trick for keeping your slings and boats from blowing over on a windy days at the race coarse: Boat Sling Anchor.  more

Coach Trick
The PVC Aligner Sight
April 23, 2014
Got a home race coming up and need a way to make sure the alignment is spot-on? This week's Rowing Hack is one intrepid coach's perfect fix: The PVC Aligner Sight.  more

Rower Tricks
Trailer Oar Organizer
April 8, 2014
This week's Rowing Hack is a clever suggestion from the rowers at UCSB: use your trailer racks to store oars on Race Day until you need them -- it's the Trailer Oar Organizer.  more

Training Hack
Cement Can Weights
March 25, 2014
Look familiar? If you've ever speed-circuited with these, then you got faster thanks to this week's Rowing Hack: Cement Can Weights, one of the great Training Hacks of all time.  more

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