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Tool Hack
The Wing Nut Stick
February 1, 2012
This handy, home-made hack might be the best response we've seen yet to the incessant need for a wing nut tool.  more

Rower Tricks
Making SURE You're Up for AM Practice
January 25, 2012
There might only be two kinds of rowers in the world: those who have slept through morning practice, and those who will sleep through one, one of these days. So, what are the best tricks to make sure you stay out of the former category long enough to make the top boat and win it all?  more

Trailer Tricks
The Strap Wheel
January 17, 2012
A quick, "build-free" hack for keeping your boat straps sorted--and off the ground--next time you hit the road.  more

On the Road
Shell Trailers and Their Regulation
May 9, 2006
Safe and legal trailering need not be a stressful issue if drivers are aware of the rules.  more

Strap This, Tie That
January 17, 2006
The Top Ten strap tips that can help you keep your boat where you want it to stay  more

Seven Things Not To Do Before The Head Race Season Starts
September 12, 2005
and an eighth bonus To Don't to boot!  more

Seven Questions to Ask Before You Start That Outboard Motor
July 12, 2005
"Ask a few simple questions before you start your launch, then you'll know what to bring."  more

Top Three Ways Coaches Waste Money
April 18, 2005
What a frugal group us coaches can be. We scrimp, we budget, we fundraise, we "do without"... yet, despite these efforts many coaches waste tons of money.  more

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