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Coaches Trick
The Gunwale Midpoint Notation
April 24, 2013
When you get around to checking the spread on your shell, this week's Rowing Hack that will save you time: write the midpoint right on the gunwale.  more

Rigger Tricks
Un-doing Stripped Collar Screws
April 10, 2013
Finding a stripped phillips head on a collar can make rigging adjustments a pain, but there's a hack for that.  more

Rigger Trick
The Rigger Clamp Wingnut Tool
March 27, 2013
Wing-nuts still loose--or tightened a touch too much? Turns out we have another cool tool for that: the Rigger Clamp Wingnut Tool.  more

Coach Trick
Info-Added Lineup Sticks
March 13, 2013
This week's hack makes your line-up making tool even more useful: start putting extra info on the sticks besides just names and sides.  more

Training Hack
Handle Height Tape
February 27, 2013
Hands swinging too low in an erg room near you? Try this Training Hack: Handle Height Tape.  more

Rigger Tricks
Blade Stickers
February 13, 2013
Got a complicated blade design? Or even a simple one, but you are tired of sanding and painting? There's actually a really simple hack for that: get some stickers.  more

Training Hack
The Bungee Front-Stop
January 23, 2013
Over-compressing (or under-compressing) on the erg? We've got a hack for that: the Bungee Front-Stop.  more

Rower Tricks
The Rigging Map
January 9, 2013
For anyone who has ever had to rig one has struggled with remember where exactly their wing rigger goes, we have a hack for that: The Rigging Map.  more

Rower Tricks
The Drop Towel
December 12, 2012
Tired of losing hardware in the grass when you are rigging up? Yep, there is a hack for that, too: the Drop Towel.  more

Boathouse Hacks
The Rigger Hanger
November 28, 2012
Tired of tripping over riggers in your boat bay? Here's a pretty simple hack that creates a spot to get those riggers out from under foot: the Rigger Hanger.  more

Boathouse Hacks
Pre-Loaded CLAMs
November 14, 2012
Using CLAMs so the same set of oars works for pairs, fours and your eight? Then set the oars up with this hack, so the loads is always right: the Pre-Loaded Clam Trick.  more

Trailer Tricks
The Seattle Wing Sling
October 31, 2012
Wing riggers taking up too much room in your trailer? Then try this Rowing Hack: the Seattle Wing Sling.  more

Rower Tricks
The Single Storer
October 24, 2012
Is your ideal spot to take strokes sans shell storage? We've heard of a hack for that, too: the Single Storer.  more

Trailer Tricks
The Unsteal-able Hitch
October 17, 2012
A dead simple trick for keeping your hitch from getting stolen mid-regatta: always park the truck by backing into a space where the hitch is pinned against a wall, a tree, or even the ground.  more

Rigger Tricks
The Shell Trailer Side-mount Bike Rack
October 10, 2012
As the next big regatta season approaches, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the artistic and engineering genius behind a great hack for actually getting your bike to race course: The Shell Trailer Side-mount Bike Rack.  more

Boathouse Hacks
The CLAM Stacker
October 3, 2012
Tired of being one CLAM short when you need to make a quick rigging adjustment on the way out to practice? Here's a hack that keeps your CLAMs collected and near at hand: the CLAM Stacker.  more

Coxswain Tricks
The Bow Cam
September 26, 2012
Tired of leaning out to line up the next turn when head racing? Then maybe this hack--the Coxswain's Bow Cam--is for you.  more

Rower Tricks
The Check-Checking Tube
September 19, 2012
Want to know if all those miles and drills have taken the stern check out of your boat? Try this simple hack: the Check-Checking Tube.  more

Coach Tricks
Depth Tape
September 12, 2012
Are folks in your crew washing out or "digging for clams"? Try this hack for keeping your blade set just right: the Depth Tape Trick.  more

Coach Tricks
PVC Megaphone Holder
September 5, 2012
Ever lost a megaphone to the deep? Then here is hack that will help keep your megaphone shipped and steady when you put it down: the PVC Megaphone Holster.  more

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