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Coxing Hacks
Water Bottle Tool Kit
August 29, 2012
If you are a coxswain on the hunt for a handy, water-tight, crush-proof, and yet lap-friendly place to stow those tools, might we suggest a water bottle?  more

Rigger Tricks
The Pump-o-Matic
August 22, 2012
This week's hack--the Pump-o-Matic--is perfectly suited for its one task: saving the back and the tired arms of the one person who makes sure none of the launches sink after a week's worth of rain.  more

Coach Tricks
The Reach Straw
August 15, 2012
Want to keep things long and strong in your crew? The hack for that is a coach's trick that may well be nearly as old as the sliding seat itself: the reach straw.  more

Coach Tricks
The Double Button
August 8, 2012
When row2k first spotted this trick at Eton-Dorney, we wondered--tongue firmly in cheek--if it might be a way to change the gearing mid-race...nope, but it is a clever hack.  more

Rower Tricks
The Tape-Wrap Pitch-Fix
July 31, 2012
Ever travel to a regatta and find your pitch is out or something doesn't feel quite right out on the water? Get out that trusty roll of electrical tape and try a hack of Olympian caliber.  more

Rowing Hack
How Hackers 'Go' to the Games
July 25, 2012
Some tips from the Rowing Hackers who stayed state-side for catching the rowing action in REAL real-time: this is how we watch the Olympics--care to join us in the wee hours?  more

Boathouse Hacks
The Safety Card
July 18, 2012
Have a big club, with lots of coaches, or just a really thorough safety plan that you want handy at all times? Try this hack: the Coaches Launch Safety Card.  more

Coach Tricks
The Shoe Bucket
July 11, 2012
Nothing keeps even the greatest rowing coach more grounded than having to bend down and gather up a heap of sweaty footwear, but there is a hack for that: The Shoe Bucket.  more

Boathouse Hacks
Clipping Your Lines
July 6, 2012
Tired of having to remember a good knot every time you dock your launch? Try clipping your lines instead.  more

Trailer Tricks
The Bottle Bumper
June 20, 2012
Empty water bottles for when you trailer: they are readily available, don't cost a thing, and can easily be shaped to fit the deck of the boat.  more

Rower Tricks
The Sock-ed Water Bottle
June 13, 2012
Here is a simple trick that can come in handy and save a lot of wear and tear on your shell: take your water bottle, and put a sock on it.  more

Rigger Tricks
Truck-Powered Course Removal
June 6, 2012
The B.L.U.R.--maybe the coolest "custom-made, overpowered" hack tool we've seen yet: a diesel crew truck-powered rowing course buoy line retriever.  more

Coxing Hacks
Soccer Ball Bowloading
May 30, 2012
Here is a simple hack shorter coxswains might appreciate.  more

Tool Hack
Wakamole Implements
May 23, 2012
This week's rowing hack shines a light into a little known corner of the rowing world, at a shadowy group who competes in the margins . . . with really cool tools!  more

Coach Tricks
The Oar-Carry Strap
May 16, 2012
This hack, sent in by Fordham assistant coach Nick Dawe, combines two of a Rowing Hack's favorite things: it is simple & makes things easier -- heck, it even makes good use of a boat strap.  more

Rowing Hack
Regatta Ready?
May 9, 2012
Headed to a regatta this weekend by any chance? Well, here are some Rowing Hacker tips for doing it right. Everybody 'Regatta Ready'?  more

Rower Tricks
Boat-Strap It!
May 2, 2012
Belts, dog leashes, tow ropes, door stops: is there a better friend to Rowing Hackers than the humble, but versatile Boat Strap? We don't think so, and we are out to prove it.  more

Boathouse Hacks
DIY Bow Lights
April 25, 2012
Let's face it, until the rest of the US comes around to ditching this practice of saving daylight for the afternoon and leaves us with some well-lit early mornings, reliable bow lights are pretty crucial to doing what we do safely and effectively.  more

Rigger Tricks
The Skeg Re-Thread
April 18, 2012
With April showers washing a lot of debris into rivers and lakes, this may well be the cruellest month for the skegs of the rowing world--making April the perfect time to consider this cool how-to, submitted by guest Rowing Hacker Matt Hopkins.  more

Rigger Tricks
Zip-Tied Heels
April 11, 2012
Here is a quick Rowing Hack that lots of folks use when the heel-ties are found wanting: zip-ties. Fast, cheap, and very unlikely to loosen up before racing is done, zip ties are the Hacker's solution to the mysteriously untied heel tie.  more

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