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"Once you eliminate the non-surfing population, then weed out the uncommitted masses, the world becomes a very small place indeed." - ACW

Cams (updated 1/8/2019): Tides Buoys
  • 44025, 45m E of Asbury Park, 25m S of Fire Island
  • 44065, 15 miles east of Sea Bright
  • 44091, 17 miles off Barnegat Light
  • ACYN4, on Steel Pier, water temp is 2.1 meters below sea level
  • 44004, off Cape May
  • ALSN6 - Ambrose Light, NY, six miles east of Sandy Hook
  • All Buoys
Winds Sea Surface Temperatures: General Surf forecasting and conditions:
Surf reports: Local Forecasts: Current weather Hurricanes and tropical conditions Telephone surf reports
  • 732-842-4024: Island Style, Sea Bright
  • 609/399-8399: Surfer's Supplies, Ocean City, NJ (very reliable, updated every evening around 6 PM)
  • 609/398-7070: 7th St. Surf Shop, Ocean City, NJ (updated nightly between 6 and 10PM, depending on shop hours)
  • 609/298-6390: Heritage Surf Shop, Ocean City, NJ (after shop hours)
  • 609/823-3331: Heritage Surf Shop, Margate, NJ (slightly stoned, nightly when shop closes)
  • 732/681-6405: Eastern Lines surf shop, Belmar, NJ (around the clock, updated each morning)
Tropical Updates

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