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Boathouse Hack
Rigger Straps
October 16, 2013
Got riggers to bundle when you head to the regatta this weekend? Ditch the sticky tape and stretched-out bungees and go with this week's Hack instead: The Rigger Strap.  more

Boathouse Hacks
Anti-Goose Buckets
October 3, 2013
Got dirty docks? Here's a hack that might help keep the geese, and their poop, at bay: Anti-Goose Buckets.  more

Coach Trick
The Cup-ed Outside Hand
September 17, 2013
Got novii feathering with two hands? Here's a hack for that common fall season issue: the Cup-ed Outside Hand Trick.  more

Trailer Trick
Wing Crates
September 4, 2013
Got lots of wings to manage when you travel? We spotted a neat Rowing Hack that just might help: the Wing Crate.  more

Boathouse Hacks
The Magnet Board
August 14, 2013
Ready to move on from the old-school stick board when you start making your boatings this fall? Then this week's hack is for you: The Magnet Board.  more

Boathouse Hacks
Right Spot Tape Trick
July 31, 2013
This week's hack: get your shell lined up and racked safely every time with the Right Spot Tape Trick.  more

Rigger Trick
Crate Steps
July 18, 2013
This week's hack comes to us from an eagle-eyed Rowing Hacks reader and is a neat, easily made solution to a pretty common problem: get the boost you need to load the top rack with these Crate Steps .  more

Coaching Hacks
Video Guy Tricks
July 4, 2013
Want to get the most out of your next chance to take some video of your crew? Here are some Rowing Hacker tips and tricks to get the most out of your next filming session.  more

Coach Trick
The Boat Strap 'Bucket'
June 20, 2013
This weeks' Rowing Hack features a good Coach Trick for getting your crew's shoes to the recovery dock this summer: the Boat Strap "Bucket."  more

Rigger Trick
The Spirit Stick
May 29, 2013
Finding yourself a bungee short every time you de-rig, or maybe just tired of picking stray bungees up all day? We have a hack for that.  more

Rower Tricks
The Rubber-Banded Bottle
May 8, 2013
Here is another great hack for the rolling, sliding water bottle up in the two seat that is killing your crew's mojo: The Rubber-Banded Bottle.  more

Coaches Trick
The Gunwale Midpoint Notation
April 24, 2013
When you get around to checking the spread on your shell, this week's Rowing Hack that will save you time: write the midpoint right on the gunwale.  more

Rigger Tricks
Un-doing Stripped Collar Screws
April 10, 2013
Finding a stripped phillips head on a collar can make rigging adjustments a pain, but there's a hack for that.  more

Rigger Trick
The Rigger Clamp Wingnut Tool
March 27, 2013
Wing-nuts still loose--or tightened a touch too much? Turns out we have another cool tool for that: the Rigger Clamp Wingnut Tool.  more

Coach Trick
Info-Added Lineup Sticks
March 13, 2013
This week's hack makes your line-up making tool even more useful: start putting extra info on the sticks besides just names and sides.  more

Training Hack
Handle Height Tape
February 27, 2013
Hands swinging too low in an erg room near you? Try this Training Hack: Handle Height Tape.  more

Rigger Tricks
Blade Stickers
February 13, 2013
Got a complicated blade design? Or even a simple one, but you are tired of sanding and painting? There's actually a really simple hack for that: get some stickers.  more

Training Hack
The Bungee Front-Stop
January 23, 2013
Over-compressing (or under-compressing) on the erg? We've got a hack for that: the Bungee Front-Stop.  more

Rower Tricks
The Rigging Map
January 9, 2013
For anyone who has ever had to rig one has struggled with remember where exactly their wing rigger goes, we have a hack for that: The Rigging Map.  more

Rower Tricks
The Drop Towel
December 12, 2012
Tired of losing hardware in the grass when you are rigging up? Yep, there is a hack for that, too: the Drop Towel.  more

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