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R-E-S-P-E-C-T - Excerpt from 'The Hammers' by Hovey Kemp
Respect for your opponent. Respect for what you and he or she just accomplished. Respect for what each of you put into it. Respect for taking part in one of the greatest sports in the world.  more

Rowing Books

Peter Mallory's 'The Sport of Rowing'

Peter Mallory brings us the next block of chapters from The Sport of Rowing: Ch. 44. Hiram Conibear; Ch. 45. George and Dick Pocock; Ch. 46. The Conibear Stroke; Ch. 47. The Ernest Barry Stroke; Ch. 48. The Birth of Modern Orthodox Technique; Ch. 49. George Pocock.s Greatest Contribution; Ch. 50. Migration of the Conibear Stroke  more

Peter Mallory brings us the next block of chapters from The Sport of Rowing: Chapter 36 - 1897-1900 Poughkeepsie Regattas; Chapter 37 - Ellis Ward Goes to Henley; Chapter 38 - History’s First Significant Rowing Force Curve Experiment; Chapter 39 - Courtney’s Mature Technique; Chapter 40 - Charles Courtney: R.I.P.; Chapter 41 - The Ten Eycks of Syracuse; Chapter 42 - Yale Enters the 20th Century; Chapter 43 - Harvard Goes to Henley  more

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