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November 25, 2022
Since writing about my 1973 Freshman Lightweight Crew during the last two chapters of this memoir, I have heard from several team members.  more

'Instead of dictating or trying to force things, Ted listened and worked to create a race plan that everyone had a voice in determining. It was an interesting process and had us totally committed.'  more

Peter's other famous tome has the lively title, Optimal Force Application in Rowing, the Analysis of Force Graphs, and Force Graph Biofeedback...  more

We are being steered by Galen Rogers, the first female coxswain in U.S. history ever to compete in a male college championship rowing event  more

I turn my attention to the dash final. I remind myself how good I am in this most pure, most exquisite of events.  more

Steve Gladstone's 1971 Harvard Lightweight Varsity is generally acknowledged to have been the fastest lightweight crew in the history of mankind up until that time.  more

Have you ever met Seymour Cromwell? A gentleman.  more

Fairthy shares with me his plans to organize a 1972 summer European tour for a U.S. composite lightweight squad: an eight, a coxless-four and a single sculler  more

But, in the end, who else needed to know? It's the strongest and bravest I've ever rowed.  more

In my single that summer of 1971, I train and train and train some more. All of a sudden, it's August. I'm at the U.S. Nationals regatta site by Friday morning  more

The foundation and cornerstone of my training this summer is stadium stairs, brutal repeat sprints up the stands in Franklin Field, the football stadium on the Penn campus, one of the many innovations Ted Nash has brought to Quaker rowing  more

John Cantrill and I turn out a pretty good Penn Freshman Lightweight Crew in 1971. Yessirree! With nicknames like Magic Man and Salt Man and Bolt Man and Dent Man and Alt Man and Space Man. Terrific year, and only a single horror story.  more

Ironically, I ran all three of my "official" marathons, 1969, 1973 and 1977, in about the same time. So much for improving with age.  more

Eventually it came to me that I was a consummate rule-follower, still am, always have been.  more

This year it will be a lightweight quad, four guys with two oars each and no coxswain, and we're returning to Hunter Island Lagoon  more

Old shirts mean you haven't lost in a while.  more

That Jayvee crew of ours turns out to have a very satisfying season.  more

But just one absolutely perfect race . . . and a sense of loss, for now we know what is possible!  more

The noise of the grandstand is growing close. I hardly notice. I wonder if I will want to stop at the finish . . . or keep on rowing forever.  more

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