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May 21, 2022
As we continue down the course, I visualize getting the medal framed atop a photo of our boat, our National Champion boat!  more

If you lay back fast enough in a middling crab the handle may strike you once on the chest and once on the nose or forehead before it snags alongside of the boat.  more

As the afternoon final for the varsity heavies approached, the headwind from the morning events reasserted itself and, unusually, a rather thick fog descended on the race course in Princeton.  more

Vesper's heavyweight eight had won the Olympic Gold Medal in Tokyo in 1964, so every stud in the country is trying out for their First Boat in 1965  more

All Brown crews are rough water crews.  more

As for Robby Meek, he is remembered by his old Penn teammates for his bad boy reputation  more

Either Mouse in the stern or Whitey from his motorboat tired of correcting our mistakes said to exaggerate our personal mistake whatever it was. In a moment as sudden as a thunderclap the crew came together.  more

In 1976, our coxswain Bruce Larson played an oversized role in helping the '76 varsity to our undefeated record.  more

We are heading home now, two more straightaways before we get back to the boathouse. I am at my redline...  more

Neither of these persons knew that Marsh jumped his slide, which would have been the end of the season for us except that Marsh was an engineer and figured out how to get his seat back on its track.  more

Tom Bolles came up to us on the Boston side of the Charles and said, "You fellows might have won that race if you weren't so long at the catch that you were pressing your gunwales together."  more

From my lofty position in the bow-seat I am surveying the race as it unfolds behind us, and I am very, very pleased with myself.  more

Flash back several days to when we were still undefeated... Each year, all the huge crews at the IRA would turn up early in Syracuse for a week of intense preparation for the culminating three-mile race  more

Cornell has settled to a very sensible and conservative 29 strokes per minute, Penn to a seldom-seen 41  more

To find out how an eight-oared crew really feels, one wouldn't want to interview at either end where the people tend to be too smart-- true density lies in the middle  more

Temperantia, Fiducia, Constantia - the ideals that Kent represented continued to provide me with inspiration... but they have also gotten me into a heap of trouble more than once  more

"Their three-man's passed out! Half a mile to go... get em!!!"  more

And I am still rowing. If I am not mistaken, there’s a bit of a pattern here.  more

I used to tell girlfriends that if a shoulder went out in one direction somebody else's elbow went out in the opposite direction thus keeping the boat balanced and level  more

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