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November 22, 2021
Brown crew didn't look like Yale, Harvard or The University of Washington. We were not an official sport but an informal organization with the privilege of rowing on the Seekonk River  more

And I was hooked. Introduction to Four Years at Four, a book by John Escher and Philip Makanna  more

This week I present the section on the 1986 Girls, Kent’s second National Champion Crew  more

This week I present 1937, which contains my homage to intramural rowing at Kent. For much of the early history of Kent Rowing, there were two eights of boys competing interscholastically, but they were backed up by as many as ten additional boats enthusiastically competing intramurally.  more

This week I present the section on the Fall 1973 Girls. After Kent Boys had been competing for more than half a century, this was the very first Kent Girls Crew.  more

This week I follow up with the 1960 Boys which includes Steve Gladstone, the most celebrated of the one hundred or so Kent Alumni who have gone on to become coaches. Sharp readers will also recognize Steve's teammate, long-time Brown University Women's Coach John Murphy.  more

This week I present the 1958 Boys, Bill Stowe's Sixth Form year. No background needed.  more

An early mock-up of the cover of Volume I. The photo is by row2k.  more

The 1963 Boys (below) and 1965 Boys (later this week) sections from the era of the Vietnam War.  more

After Kent Boys had competed at Henley upwards of thirty times, the 2002 Girls Eight was the first Kent Girls crew to make the trip, and a memorable trip it was.  more

The Sport of Rowing author Peter Mallory will be coming out with a new book, More Than Rowing, Kent School Boat Club, The First 100 Years.  more

This week I present the 1932 Boys section nearly in its final form; by its tenth year of rowing in 1932, upwards of one third of the student body participated each spring.  more

Water Ready Chapter Two - Boathouse Organization: How a Two-Pile System Can Help You Avoid Disaster  more

Nine actions to keep your equipment safe and free of germs  more

Book Excerpt
Women's Voices in Rowing: Judy Geer
December 14, 2020
In this excerpt from the new book "Women's Voices in Rowing," former Czech rower Daniela Nachazelova talks to former US national team and Olympic rower (and Concept2 engineer) Judy Geer.  more

Book Excerpt: 'We Needed a Test'
December 10, 2020
In this excerpt from her new book, "Better Great Than Never," author Lindsay Shoop details the experiences of the 2006 USA Women's Eight at the World Championships in Eton, Great Britain.  more

There's no question that elite sport is a tough business. But there is an increasingly sinister edge to many of these stories. Is this just part of the tough business of sport? How are we setting athletes up for these big moments in their lives? What expectations, what narratives and what images dominate?  more

Holidays 2020: Reads for Rowers
November 27, 2020
2020 was a good year for rowing books; here's a selection to keep the rower(s) in your life happy over the holidays!  more

An excerpt from Adam Kreek's book 'The Responsibility Ethic,' on strategies exceptional people use to do the work and make success happen.  more

A not very well known story about George and Stan Pocock
Grasping the Shadow
December 22, 2014
When Pocock Racing Shells was essentially subsidizing the Sport of Rowing in North America; an excerpt from Peter Mallory's Sport of Rowing.  more

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