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Technique Feature: Technique on the Erg, Continued
A couple of months ago, we wrote about using the erg not just for training but also for technique. First though, you need to figure out what needs to be changed.  more


The ability to relax is an important yet often overlooked skill - exercise is supposed to be hard so they try to make rowing hard. I want to make it easy.  more

Rowing is demanding enough once you start trying to go fast, no need to make it hard where it doesn't need to be.  more


When teaching new rowers, keep it simple and fun  more

Selection ultimately comes down to the coach's decision, there are three dominant methodologies for finding out which athletes are the best fit for seats: seat racing, cumulative results, and technology.  more


To help provide a nutritional guide for athletes training and racing, row2k turned to US national team performance dietitian Liz Fusco for some suggestions.  more

There are three elements of which we are firmly in control when it comes to our athletic success: the physical, the technical, and the mental.  more


Foam rollers have been used for years as a way to ease pain and soreness among athletes in training. A recent study suggests that it can also help with performance when used properly and at the right time - but they are not going to cure a serious medical issue.  more

To stay hydrated, should you drink all the time, not at all - or simply when you are thirsty? Science says let your thirst be your guide.  more

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