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Technique Feature: How to Achieve Light Catches
We use two drills to focus on making the catch as light as possible  more


The transitions–from the drive to the recovery (which we talked about last month) and then from the recovery to the drive – are the most difficult parts of the stroke.  more

There are many advantages to feathering this way - it's physically easier, it's cleaner and doesn't waste time hanging out in bow.  more


Just yelling YIELD! means little if you have not put your shell in a position to assert right of way  more

I encourage new rowers to make their first racing experience a head race. But the steering can be key.  more


A few of the oldest questions in rowing revolve around optimal times for training and competition. Row in the morning and lift in the evenings? Or, lift in the mornings and row in the evenings? Race early or late?  more

A collection of recent sports science studies of possible interest to rowers  more


With some help from Hydrow athletes, who not only have to be ready to row at dawn, but also have to be ready to be on TV  more

Is running or cycling the best cross-training for rowing? A growing body of evidence suggests that cycling may be as useful, and in some cases even a better mode of cross-training than running.  more


A strategy for getting everyone into the lineups, boats, and race they most want to race for Masters clubs  more

In our debriefs after practice many athletes say that it's hard to think about two or three things at the same time - their brain races from thinking catches, to thinking pressure, to squaring early and they fail to execute any of these well.  more

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