Competitive Edge
June 11, 2021
A strategy for getting everyone into the lineups, boats, and race they most want to race for Masters clubs  more

In our debriefs after practice many athletes say that it's hard to think about two or three things at the same time - their brain races from thinking catches, to thinking pressure, to squaring early and they fail to execute any of these well.  more

Scullers often have to coach themselves; here are some things to try to keep improving when you are on your own - Part 2 of 2  more

Scullers often have to coach themselves; here are some things to try to keep improving when you are on your own - Part 1 of 2  more

The Dollar Bill Trick is a fun and slick trick to teach better rowing on the erg  more

A time trial, where crews race against the clock and have only limited racing interactions with other crews, comes with its own challenges and quirks. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prep your crews for time trial racing.  more

Essential Rowing Skills: Self-Coaching
February 6, 2020
Especially as racing season nears, athletes need to incorporate significant levels of self-coaching into their daily practice  more

When teaching new rowers, keep it simple and fun  more

Spring Time, Selection Time
March 3, 2016
Selection ultimately comes down to the coach's decision, there are three dominant methodologies for finding out which athletes are the best fit for seats: seat racing, cumulative results, and technology.  more

The opportunity to row often comes at times in a young person’s life where they are looking for a place to belong. Whether that point in time is the first year of high school or their freshman year at college, the social benefits that rowing offers are arguably the most convincing ones for young athletes.  more

An explanation of some of the physics of rowing, in layman's terms.  more

What a difference a lane makes
February 12, 2015
We all know crosswinds are tricky and often unfair - but how tricky and unfair? Here are some numbers.  more

Keeping Rowing Simple
March 26, 2014
Over the past forty or more years, I have coached and watched rowing at all levels. I have seen the good, the bad and the just plain ugly. By sharing the following thoughts, I hope to make the rowing technique as simple as I can make it.  more

How Not to Host a Learn-To-Row Day
June 17, 2013
Want to teach some brand new rowers?There are many ways to do it right, but here are five ways not to host a learn-to-row day.  more

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