Competitive Edge
April 25, 2023
To the surprise of very few in sport, research confirms that the post-screentime struggle is very real.  more

A few of the oldest questions in rowing revolve around optimal times for training and competition. Row in the morning and lift in the evenings? Or, lift in the mornings and row in the evenings? Race early or late?  more

A collection of recent sports science studies of possible interest to rowers  more

10 screening exercises to help identify key movements or qualities that may need attention as you improve your rowing  more

Reasons and suggestions for leaning hard on the oarhandle for a few strokes now and then  more

If you were asked the connection between rigging and exertion in your rowing, would you be able to answer the question?  more

Preparing for a head race has to include a good plan for when and what to eat. US national team performance dietitian Liz Fusco has some suggestions about what to do and what to avoid for head race season.  more

Rolling Away the Soreness and Pain
January 30, 2019
Foam rollers have been used for years as a way to ease pain and soreness among athletes in training. A recent study suggests that it can also help with performance when used properly and at the right time - but they are not going to cure a serious medical issue.  more

How to Hydrate: Drink When You Are Thirsty
December 26, 2018
To stay hydrated, should you drink all the time, not at all - or simply when you are thirsty? Science says let your thirst be your guide.  more

We may not know exactly what 3/4 pressure is, but we know one thing: conversational pace ain't it. Studies show that large numbers of people who seem not to get much training effect are simply not working hard enough  more

Sleep Better, Go Faster?
January 26, 2017
Finding a way to get enough sleep for student athletes is not easy. But it is important.  more

Warm-up and Cool-Down Tactics
September 7, 2016
With special considerations for the Masters Rower.  more

Can You Take The Heat?
July 27, 2016
A study conducted by the human physiology department at the University of Oregon found that training in high temperatures improved an athlete’s performance in a very short period of time.  more

Why do we throw up?
January 11, 2016
We have all been there… or at least most of us have come close to losing our lunch after a hard workout. Rowing is a strenuous sport, and as shocking as it may seem to an outsider, throwing up has just become a part of life for most teams.  more

How to 'Go' When it's Go-Time
December 15, 2015

Everyone gets jittery on race days; some folks even get the jitters right before they race.  Luckily for most of us, taking care of number 1 is typically pretty straightforward, even on race day (see more

Coaching rowing may be thrashing your vocal cords.  more

Do You Know What Your Max Heart Rate Is?
February 12, 2015
When trying to figure out the intensity of your workout, measuring one’s heart rate is one of the easier methods.    more

Setting a goal or deadline in the same month or year (or day or week, etc., as it may be) in which you find yourself at present can have a measurable effect on your ability to meet the goal or deadline.  more

An inquiry into whether all the leg- and chest-beating actually helps once the race starts.  more

Erg Day Afternoon
September 8, 2014
Early morning rows are part of our sport; but if you don't always feel faster in the morning, there is some science to prove it.  more

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