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Post-Finals Interview: Gevvie Stone & Kristi Wagner, USA Women's Double
row2k features: Post-Finals Interview: Gevvie Stone & Kristi Wagner, USA Women's Double
'I think that, really, what it takes to get out there in an Olympic final is having the heart to do it. That's really the superpower of being an Olympian - that heart and that passion.'   more...
Interview with the US Men's Four After Fifth Place Finish

'It’s not a sport where one guy can be a hero. You’ve got to do it together.'   more...
Interview: Julian Venonsky and Justin Best, US Men's Eight

'We got the job done. We did what we needed to do, and we're going to be fighting for medals on Friday. '   more...
Interview: Michelle Sechser and Molly Reckford, US Light Women's Double

'I'm personally a little bummed out that we were just shy of that new world's best time, so there is a little bit of hunger flavoring tomorrow's race.'   more...
Interview: the US Women's Quad on the Hard Lessons of a Tough Year

'Remember this and how much it hurts, because that can fuel a lot of change. Quite often, we can run away from that feeling, but if you harness it and look it in the face, it can actually fuel the work, the change.'   more...
US Women's Four Wins B Final: Post-Race Interview

"It's good to be reminded how cool this is and have a good time at the Olympics in competition, even if it didn’t really come together at the beginning of the regatta"   more...
Tokyo 2020ne: Lanes, Beautiful Empty Venues, Rowers Do Canoe, Add Erg Scores to Start Lists

Tuesday's second day of weather delay at the Sea Forest Waterway in Tokyo saw no racing, but conditions that were good enough to allow quite a few crews to get practice laps in.   more...
Tokyo Tower: Rowers React to the 10m Synchronized Diving Finals

When they launch, the divers seem to plummet as any earth-bound object would, and then...   more...
Tokyo 2020ne: Business (and Emotion) in the Quarters, Reps and Semis

Six events determined their Olympic finalists today, with another six fixing their semifinals.   more...
Tokyo 202One: Interview with Gevvie Stone and Kristi Wagner, US Women's Double

Thoughts on the semi, about racing from the back of the pack, the benefits of racing the single, Stone's group of masters men (and now women) who she has trained with for over a decade, and more   more...
Tokyo 202One: Interview with the US Women's Four

The women's four made its first appearance on the Olympic schedule since 1992   more...
Tokyo 202One: Interview with Ellen Tomek and Meghan O'Leary, US Women's Quad

Three-time Olympian Ellen Tomek and two-time Olympian Meghan O'Leary talk about the disappointment and lessons of their racing so far   more...
Tokyo 202One: Interview with Michelle Sechser, USA Lightweight Women's Double

We talk with Michelle Sechser about reps tactics, crabs, schedule changes, the Nirvana of quiet stands, and the Olympic Village as a lightweight   more...
Tokyo 202One: Eights on the Move

The eights got underway a day early today; we spoke to members of the US men's and women's eights after the racing   more...
Tokyo 2020ne: Blowing it out in the Fours

Saturday saw the opening heats in the men's and women's straight fours.   more...

Olympics, Village Life, Waterfall?, and more!   more...

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