Competitive Edge
August 9, 2021
With some help from Hydrow athletes, who not only have to be ready to row at dawn, but also have to be ready to be on TV  more

Is running or cycling the best cross-training for rowing? A growing body of evidence suggests that cycling may be as useful, and in some cases even a better mode of cross-training than running.  more

Rowing is a technical sport, and it is hard to improve when not able to row. One of the few options available is visualization.  more

Can I Row my Single during a Pandemic?
March 26, 2020
As isolation, both self-imposed or enforced, deepens in the rowing community, row2k reached out to rowing medical folks for some common-sense guidance for athletes who are looking to stay active during these times.  more

If you're planning to race this season, you've probably already decided which races you'll prioritize and which you'll train through  more

If cross-training get you stronger, fitter, and you have more fun, what's not like to like?  more

In the end, the best kind of training is the training you'll do - here are some suggestions  more

Tips to help you get through the winter and make the most of being on the erg  more

To help provide a nutritional guide for athletes training and racing, row2k turned to US national team performance dietitian Liz Fusco for some suggestions.  more

There are three elements of which we are firmly in control when it comes to our athletic success: the physical, the technical, and the mental.  more

It turns out that the fear of headwinds can do almost as much damage to your speed as the headwind itself.  more

One set of lifting in under 15 minutes three times a week may offer the same strength gains as spending hours in the weight room  more

Don't do drills blindly; make sure they have a purpose and that they're achieving that purpose  more

Technique Feature: Erg Test Prep
January 8, 2018
If you want or need to be good on the erg, you have to spend time on the erg  more

Combining Erg Corrections
All Things Considered: Combining Erg Corrections
August 1, 2017
At the Texas Rowing Center, Masters rowers have all the variables of age, weight and gender factored into the results of club erg competitions. Take a look at how all the computations balanced out.  more

Training the Core
January 11, 2017
Tips for understanding and training the "core."  more

Maintaining strength during the racing season is a key part of balancing your training.  more

In Part I of this article I established how the rowing machine places different demands on the human body. In Part II, I will outline a warm-up routine that you can do for the rowing machine or boat that provides a solution to the different stresses placed upon the body.  more

It is often assumed that the rowing stroke on a rowing machine (static or sliders) and in the boat is the same, but there are several key differences.  more

Resolutions? Rowers don't need no stinkin' Resolutions!  more

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