Competitive Edge
December 14, 2021
This winter, try taking good on-water drills indoors with you.  more

The ergometer is a great place to work on being more efficient in your catch  more

Is air flow between the blade and the water a factor on the recovery?  more

Technique Feature: Rhythm vs. Ratio
November 15, 2021
Even if you’ve already moved on to the erg, step back from racing and refocus on establishing a good rhythm  more

Learn to determine what feels right rather than just seeing what the numbers are  more

Instead of talking about ways to improve the catch, or clean up the finish or be more powerful on the drive, I want to encourage everyone to learn to play around in the boa  more

We don't talk much initially about how to turn the boat while rowing because we want people to first focus on going straight.  more

Drills to create lighter catches, smoother drives and cleaner finishes  more

When back in the team boats, how do we row so as to make the others around us row better?  more

A data-based analysis of rowing styles by Dr. Valery Kleshnev  more

There are two types of new scullers; those who have flipped, and those who are going to flip  more

Building off our past two articles, we want to continue our focus on working technique on the erg while also building fitness.  more

'Catch through the stretcher' and boat check - 'stopping the boat does not mean stopping the whole system'  more

On the Topic of 'Boat Check'
February 3, 2021
A case study by Dr. Valery Kleshnev illustrating the possible positive effect of a more significant 'boat check'  more

Last month we talked about how time on the erg can be used not just for physical training but also to improve one's technique. First though, you want to be sure the erg is set up for you.  more

All three trends confirm the above findings: rowing speed achieved its peak in 2006-2008, and then results continuously decreased.  more

It may be easier to work on technique on the erg than on the water - fewer factors in play, fewer distractions  more

Since rowing is still in semi-lockdown, we thought it time to lower our standards to feature several Useless Boat Tricks (That Are Fun To Do Anyway)  more

Accept and appreciate this aberration from a normal fall to do the things you say you want to do but can't find a way to fit it in  more

Collegiate Coaches Corner
Rowing Technique Part 4 - Favorite Drills
August 18, 2020
What are some of the most the most effective on-the-water drills? row2k asked a bunch of coaches to find out.  more

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