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In the fourth of a series of articles designed to help coaches, athletes, and programs through this extremely rough patch, row2k is working with Mike Davenport to cross-post the information he generates from the effort.  more

Ultimate Regatta Packing List
April 13, 2020
When packing for your next regatta, there always seems to be that one item that you really needed, but forgot to pack. To alleviate that stress, we have compiled the ultimate regatta packing list! Before you go to your next race, run through this list.  more

Mike Davenport explains and offers tip on measuring the five most important elements of rigging a boat  more

Soon enough, it should be time to get hacking  more

Mike Davenport offers tips on updating idle fleets to be better than ever when rowing starts up again  more

Following are some best practices from rowing equipment experts for keeping your equipment as clean as possible, for equipment performance and longevity as well as hygienic reasons  more

By mid-January, despite it being the very middle of the meteorological winter, most athletes and programs are nonetheless segueing into what will become the spring season; here is a checklist of things to do in January so you are as fast as possible in June  more

Best practices ahead of storing your rowing boats, electronics, and oars  more

rowing Tech
row2k: Now there's an App for that
October 14, 2019
row2k is now an app for your iPhone, Android or Windows device!  more

Coaching Hack
The ID Keychain
February 20, 2017
One logistical challenge that coaches often face is how to keep track of all of their athlete’s IDs. There are those certain summer regattas that require IDs on the dock. You either have to rely on the athletes to keep track of their ID on the water or you have to hang on to everyone’s ID while they row. Too many things can go wrong in either situation!  more

Classic Rowing Hack
A-Frame Boat Blocks
January 30, 2017
The A-Frame Boat Block is a very simple design that takes up minimal trailer space and it is incredibly easy to make!  more

New App
row2k Sweep Blade Comparator
October 4, 2016
With so many blades to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start looking at the differences between blades, and thinking about what might be best for your crew. Enter the row2k Sweep Blade Comparator!  more

Ask the Boatbuilder
Getting Your Crew in the Right Size Shell
June 22, 2016
The '15 lbs per quarter inch' rule, over- and under-boating, and more.  more

When I am rowing at race pace, what forces are acting on the hull, and how can that knowledge be used to maximize speed?  more

Rigging Hack
Cell Phone Pitch Meter
March 23, 2016
One of the oarlocks is sideways and of course someone forgot to pack a pitch meter! The question is what do you do? Well… you pull out your cellphone of course!  more

Ask the Boatbuilder
Carbon or Kevlar?
March 14, 2016
What's the difference, and which should I get?  more

Coach Hack
Folding Chair Racks Slider Storage
February 23, 2016
Tired of tripping on your erg sliders? Do you struggle figuring out a good way to store them? We have a hack for that!  more

Ask the Boatbuilder
Rowing in Salt Water
February 9, 2016
Every minute spent in salt water preventative maintenance is worth its weight in gold.  more

Rowing Hack
How to Keep Your Feet Warm: Right Guard
January 20, 2016
This week's hack is an "old school" trick that NFL players use to keep their feet warm during cold games. Right Guard!  more

Ask the Boatbuilder
Rigger Holes
January 20, 2016
Boat builders provide options for the rigger along the gunwale for one primary reason: different holes allow fore and aft adjustment of the pin relative to the athlete. This is one of two ways to adjust work-through.  more

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