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If you have spent any time on an erg, you have also spent time, at some point, skidding across the floor on an erg. Here are tips on how to erg in one spot.  more

'Those little plastic strips made a huge difference, especially at the start, where it was white-capping and the waves were rolling down the side of the boat.'  more

Trick out your 1x to let you train COVID-safe and hacker-approved with The Water Bottle Holder Hack.  more

One of our favorite hacks for sanitizing ergs  more

Rowing Hack: Sock-Covered Boat-Straps
August 13, 2020
Protect your boat with old abandoned laundry  more

Following is a roadmap I use before each season to get shells ready to row.  more

Rower Tricks: Head Gear Hacks
August 6, 2020
Training sure is different in a lot of places in row2k-reader-land these days, but whether you are able to get out in a single, are rowing a pod double, or maybe live in a place that can do team boats safely, one thing is still true: it is hot out there, and that brings us to this week's topic: Head Gear Hacks.  more

12 critical actions for making sure your launch is there for you when you need it  more

Rowing Hack: The Laundry Shoe Bag
July 30, 2020
It might be time to rethink your approach and maybe retire your well-worn plastic shoe bins and milk crates for a more stowable-when-not-in-use solution: The Laundry Shoe Bag.  more

Rowing electronics are tools. When used effectively they can help improve rowing performance and safety.  more

Mike Davenport on harnessing the super-power of rowing spare parts  more

Rowing Hack: The Launch Box
July 16, 2020
A simple piece of equipment you can put in place that will greatly shore up your safety plan  more

Transporting rowing equipment safely requires you to over-invest - thoughtfully, critically, and methodically get the equipment ready for travel.  more

There is still a whole lotta erging going on, whew  more

The morning I should have drowned was a chilly fall day. It was wicked early, and I was in my launch, checking buoys for a race.  more

Trailer Trick: The Handle Handler
June 25, 2020
Time for a bit of a Rowing Hacker Confession: we don't make all of this up ­ and some of our most interesting Hacks are straight up, um, borrowed from way smarter folk.  more

11 things to remove from (or hide in) your boathouse now  more

The Megaphone Cooler Hack keeps your megaphone (and other gear) dry and intact in all conditions  more

The equipment you count on to glide you through the water is lounging away in a rowing rack almost its entire life. Make sure the racks equipment rest on are up to the job.  more

One of the oldest re-purposing hacks out there, turning a length of PVC tube into a bend-proof back stay holder that will survive a lifetime of trips.  more

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