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Canadian Henley Survival Guide
July 25, 2006
Vital tips for surviving Canley!  more

A Starboard by Any Other Name...
June 28, 2006
Glancing through regatta programs, one comes across some wonderful names and combinations of names.  more

Setting the Boat and Ways the Coxswain Can Help
May 2, 2006
Good set is crucial to boat speed, but not easy to achieve - there are calls coxswains can make to help the rowers set the boat  more

Locked On: Preparing for the Start II
April 12, 2006
Including a semi-famous story of coxswain pre-start nervousness  more

Getting on the Stakeboats
January 24, 2006
Positioning your shell at the stakeboat or starting dock is one of the more delicate maneuvers coxswains have to execute.  more

“To Be on Time is to Be Late”: The Time Machine in the Boathouse
December 13, 2005
You know how your coach is always telling you, 'to be on time is to be late'? Our practices always start on time.  more

Voice Cadence: Matching Your Calls to the Rhythm of the Boat
November 9, 2005
A coxswain’s voice is his or her primary tool. Like any instrument, it is worth training and developing.  more

Greg and the Oars
October 3, 2005
When you're the third boat, you sometimes have to make do. You scrounge for equipment, you borrow, and sometimes, if you're lucky, you have someone truly resourceful on your boat. Someone like Greg.  more

Sweeping the Cone of Invisibility - How to Handle the Blind Spot
August 30, 2005
The question of how to prevent hazards (debris, buoys, other boats) from developing in the blind spot is a difficult one.  more

Rowers as Rebels: The Galleys of 1777 (rowing through history, part VI)
July 26, 2005
one vulnerability -- like a modern crew shell -- was that they were prone to swamping in rough weather.  more

Making Your Calls Economical
June 21, 2005
Coxswains whose calls are precise and economic make for efficient boats.  more

A First-Class Piece of Collective Seamanship, 5-Years’ Retrospective - 19 May 2000
May 18, 2005
Morning of time trials, Stotesbury Regatta, 19 May 2000.  more

Helpful Hints for Journalists Covering Rowing
April 12, 2005
For the beleaguered sportswriter, or caption writer, facing a looming deadline on a rowing story, follow these tips.  more

Coxing a crewshell - while it may seem autocratic when viewed from outside - is actually a surprisingly democratic exercise.  more

Getting to Trials
March 8, 2005
"Is your passport up to date?" Nothing bad ever comes of a question like that...  more

Rowing through History V -- The Venetian Galley
January 19, 2005
A ship with THREE rudders - just the thing for head race season  more

Regatta Road Trip Hotels…The Silence of the Ice Machines…an outlet too far…linen closet’s revenge
December 8, 2004
"Did one of you commit an anarchist outrage in a linen closet?"  more

Regatta Road Trip II: Crossing the Border
November 4, 2004
Wood chips and forest products....imaginary firearms, oatmeal and yogurt...say ‘thank-you’ to the nice customs officers.  more

Big Two-Hearted River: Hemingway Guest-Coxes the Head of the Charles
October 7, 2004
They crossed to the other side, where the large buoys of the starting chute looked like white elephants. "They look like white elephants," the coxswain said.  more

Regatta Road Trip: Part I -- On Not Driving Rented Durangos into the Great Lakes
September 17, 2004
"There are only two seasons," a seasoned traveller once remarked, "winter and construction."  more

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