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Adventures in Hotel Registration
August 2, 2002
One of the enjoyable aspects of rowing is that it is one of the sports where women and men can compete on the same team.  more

Magic Calls - 'Cry 'Havoc,' and Let Slip the Dogs of War!'
July 15, 2002
The search for the magic, inspiring phrase has occupied the waking moments of coxswains as long as there have been coxswains.  more

Mare Nostrum - Rowing Under the Romans
June 19, 2002
Despite turning the Mediterranean into "their sea," neither the Roman Republic nor Empire put a high priority on naval power, except for brief crises periods requiring the hurried building of a fleet.  more

The Care and Feeding of Lightweights
May 16, 2002
The 24-hour focus of being a lightweight rower ingrains a special intensity. The number 155 dominates their lives; it is literally stitched into much of their rowing clothing.  more

'It's Cruel When the Fo'c's'le Gets the Fever' -- Never Share Water Bottles
March 27, 2002
Never share water bottles. As tight-knit a unit as a crew is, it's all too easy for a bug to decimate a boat during an important week of practice or just before a major race, and sharing water bottles -- no matter what the temptation -- increases the risk.  more

Offseason Training -- Bondage Runs, Merciless Videos, and Trading Coxswains by the Pound
February 13, 2002
Your rowers may have been barely awake before, but eyes begin to open on that one, as the lengths of rope on the boathouse floor begin to convince them that maybe -- just maybe -- they heard you right the first time.  more

Indoor Training - Keep Coxswains and Other Small Objects Away from the Erg Intake Vents
January 8, 2002
The coxswain's role during indoor training season can be an ambiguous one, especially going through it the first season as the ergs rev up like jet turbines and any small objects nearby get sucked into the intake.  more

Despite the comment above, it is indeed possible for coxswains of bowloaders to be the same kind of diagnostic coxswains as when they can see their rowers and oars in a sternloader.  more

The Stroke-Coxswain Connection
September 6, 2001
The Stroke-Coxswain relationship is one of the most important working relationships in all of athletics.  more

Whatever It Takes - The Pickup Boats of Summer
June 27, 2001
Summer is the season of pick-up boats, of oars strapped to the roof of the car, of borrowed boats, and of rowing with the people you want to row with.  more

The Naming of Shells
March 28, 2001
So, your crew has just been given a brand new shell; it sits gleaming on the rack in your boathouse, and the donor has given you total latitude in what to name it.  more

Rudderless Landing
March 1, 2001
The most awesome rudderless landing story that I know of comes from Baylor School, in Tennessee, where a friend of mine coached and initiated their rowing program.  more

Report from the Coxswain's Convention 2001
February 5, 2001
The seriousness with which coxswains take their craft was evidenced by the large turnout at the 2001 Coxswains' convention.  more

Better Watch Out: Santa Claus is a Coxswain
December 4, 2000
The literary evidence is overwhelming: Santa (or Father Christmas, if you prefer) is absolutely a coxswain.  more

Cybernetics -- Rowing In The Athenian Navy
November 27, 2000
Our modern word cybernetics derives from the Greek word for coxswain -- kybernetes -- which means one who directs.  more

Physics For Coxswains And Rowers
November 7, 2000
Rowers don't need any Theory of Special Relativity to tell us that neither Space and Time are fixed quantities.  more

Coxing Seat Races Fairly
October 12, 2000
Seat races are a necessary part of finding out which combination of rowers makes the boat go fastest, but nobody really likes them.  more

Keeping Coaches Happy -- The Coxswain's Role As Intermediary
October 4, 2000
Fall crew season is well underway, and with it, many of you are entering new high school or college rowing programs under new coaches, and are facing new expectations.  more

What REALLY happens at Coxwain meetings -- the Secret Tapes
August 15, 2000
row2k's fearless investigative reporters have obtained secret recordings from a coxswains' meeting which took place prior to the CENSORED CENSORED regatta.  more

Rowing By Fives -- Oar Powered Ships In Ancient Egypt
July 20, 2000
The Nile has been a good place to row for six thousand years. The current flows northwards and the wind blows southwards.  more

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