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The Youth Coaches Corner Series
October 2, 2022

Along the lines of the Collegiate Coaching Corner series, row2k reached out to a wide swath of the junior and youth coaching community, to solicit responses on a wide range of topics both unique to youth coaching and to the profession and sport in general.

Within the range of the responses we received, we have done our best to make each topic as inclusive and representative as possible of the many different perspectives and types of junior and youth programs across the country. If your voice or the perspective of your program is missing and you would like to contribute, please contact us to get involved.

Coaches were asked to respond of topics of their choosing, from this list:

  • Boat Selection
  • Bringing Kids to Rowing
  • Coaching The Finish
  • Coaching Education & Developing New Coaches
  • College-Bound Athletes & the Advice We Give
  • Community Partnerships and DEI Efforts
  • Coxswain Development
  • Fundraising
  • Planning a Henley Trip
  • Life of a Junior/HS Rowing Coach
  • Program Building/Team Culture
  • Parent Groups & Communication
  • Rigging
  • Rowing Beyond Your Boathouse (Jr Team, Camps, “life skills”)
  • Racing (types of races, boating for age-based categories)
  • Technique & Technology
  • Training Planning
  • Training: Cross Training
  • Training: Multisport Athletes

Index of Youth Coaches Corner Columns

In order of publication, most recent first:

Planning a Henley Trip

Technique & Technology, Part 7: Hacks & Teaching Tricks

Technique & Technology, Part 6: Favorite Drills, Round 2

Technique & Technology, Part 5: Favorite Drills, Round 1

Multi-Sport Athletes, Part 2: Best Cross-Over Sports

Multi-Sport Athletes, Part 1: The Pros and Cons for Programs

Training Plans, Part 4: Favorite Workouts

Cross Training, Part 2: On Workouts, Lifting, and Helpful Partnerships

Cross Training, Part 1: How Often & What Works

Training Plans, Part 3: More Keys to Successful Plans

Training Plans, Part 2: Mental Prep for Racing

Technique & Technology, Part 4: Coaching for Consistency

Technique & Technology, Part 3: Coaching Influences & Model Crews

Technique & Technology, Part 2: Technical Trends

Coaching Education & Development, Part 1

Training Plans, Part 1: Keys to Successful Plans

Life of a Youth Rowing Coach Part 3: The Challenges

Life of a Youth Rowing Coach Part 2: The Rewards

Bringing Kids to Rowing Part 2: Helping Novices Succeed

Program Building and Team Culture Part 3: Maintaining A Positive Culture

Technique & Technology, Part 1: Coaching for Boat Feel & Technical Consistency

Program Building and Team Culture Part 2: Student Leadership

Bringing Kids to Rowing Part 1: Attracting and Retaining New Athletes

Life of A Youth Rowing Coach Part 1: The Coach's Role & Tips for Making it Work

Program Building and Team Culture Part 1: Defining Team Culture

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