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The 2020-2021 Collegiate Coaches Corner Series
October 1, 2022

Following the cancellation of the 2020 spring racing season, row2k solicited the collegiate coaching community to engage in a variety of high-level topics within the profession. We submitted over sixty questions across a dozen topics and thank the coaches and staffs that found time to contribute their thoughts during that stressful time.

Below is an index to the entire series:

Coxswain Development & Crew Selection

Coxswain Development Part 1 - Traits and Program Education

Coxswain Development Part 2 - Rhythm, Training, and Evaluation

Crew Selection Part 1 - Eights

Crew Selection Part 2 - Seat Racing

Crew Selection Part 3 - Coxswain Selection

Crew Selection Part 4 - Tie Breaking

Crew Selection Part 5 - Erg Scores

Crew Selection Part 6 - Seat Racing Protocol

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention Part 1 - Overuse Injuries

Injury Prevention Part 2 - Core, Trainers, and Returning from Injury

Mental Health

Mental Health Part 1 - Prevalence, Support, and Staying Connected

Mental Health Part 2 - Habits and Lessons

Novice Rowing

Novice Rowing Part 1 - Finding Walk-ons

Novice Rowing Part 2 - Loss of Frosh/Novice Events

Novice Rowing Part 3 - Integrating Novices

Novice Rowing Part 4 - Coaching and Success

Program Building & Fundraising

Program Building Part 1 - Defining Culture

Program Building Part 2 - First Year Priorities

Program Building Part 3 - Maintaining Success

Program Building Part 4 - Maintaining Buy-In

Program Building Part 5 - Student Leadership

Program Building Part 6 - Fundraising


Recruiting Part 1 - What Recruits Should Know

Recruiting Part 2 - Intangible Qualities

Recruiting Part 3 - International Recruiting

Recruiting Part 4 - Rules and Relationships

Responses to COVID & Fall 2021 Updates

Response to the COVID-19 Crisis - Part I

Response to the COVID-19 Crisis - Part II

Fall 2020 COVID Challenges

Fall 2020 COVID Successes

Fall 2020 COVID Silver Linings


Rigging - Red Flags, Adjustments, and Hail Marys


Technique Part 1 - Coaching the Catch

Technique Part 2 - Program Consistency

Technique Part 3 - Style Changes

Technique Part 4 - Favorite Drills

Technique Part 5 - Coaching Influences

Technique Part 6 - Technology

Time Management

Time Management Part 1 - Time Management Coaching

Time Management Part 2 - Tips, Sleep, and Recovery


Training Part 1 - Aspects of a Successful Training Program

Training Part 2 - Mental Training

Training Part 3 - Favorite and Unique Workouts

Cross Training Pt 1 - Frequency, Type, Favorite Lifts

Cross Training Part 2 - Customization and Favorite Workouts

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