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click to view this vid! How to Get Back In A Flipped Rowing Shell

This is an easy remounting technique that doesn't require a lot of upper body strength.

Views: 2376

click to view this vid! The Benefits of Single Leg Rowing

Using unilateral leg warmups on the Concept2 to help coaches and athletes identify imbalances due to sweep rowing.

Views: 227

click to view this vid! Training The Force Curve - Analysis For Rowing Machine Workouts, Drills, or CrossFit

Explaining the force curve on the C2 for athletes to better understand what it is and how they can use it to improve their dryland training.

Views: 240

click to view this vid! Rowing 101

All terms you need in order to succeed at rowing! (And to understand your coxswain). Music: Jakubi - Can't Afford It All (Kygo Remix) // Beme: ...

Views: 451

click to view this vid! Rowing Warm Up

Joe DeLeo walks you through a step by step warm up that addresses all the mobility and stability demands for rowing on the ergometer and in the boat.

Views: 6140

click to view this vid! Rowing Warm Up

Joe DeLeo walks you through a step by step warm-up routine that will help you improve mobility, lock down stability and prep your central nervous system for ...

Views: 586

click to view this vid! Pieces of Eight - A Quest for Gold (Kiwi Eight)

This documentary follows the efforts of the New Zealand rowing eight to win gold at 1984’s Los Angeles Olympics. The eight, coached by the legendary Harry Mahon, had won the past two world champs and were expected to repeat the triumph of the 1972 Kiwi eight at Munich. Amongst training at home, the infamous six minutes of pain — the “erg test” — is featured; one of the most demanding trials in sport. The action then shifts to LA for the Olympic finals. The film offers a gripping insight into the extreme lengths the amateur athletes go to in their quest for gold.

Views: 1029

click to view this vid! Hanging from the drive

"For me there is a sort of focal point from the foot stretcher through the back and out to the hands—if you can get people focused into that point you will find out that it comes out quite well. With looseness of the arms it can be quite easy." -Harry Mahon

Views: 1358

click to view this vid! Biofeedback Testing for Rowing

Greg Kowal, DPT, explains how he uses biofeedback testing to find optimal rowing positions for each workout - resulting in improved performance and better lo...

Views: 3059

click to view this vid! Capsize Safety Video - Rowing Tasmania

In this video prepared by Marine and Safety Tasmania and Rowing Tasmania. It covers how an athlete should be aware and therefore less likely to be at risk of...

Views: 2552

click to view this vid! A Study of the Catch - from Blade Entry to Load

An agonizingly slow motion study of Mahe Drysdale's catch

Views: 3981

click to view this vid! Sparks New Zealand Program Film

Sparks New Zealand program is designed for athletes who are serious about developing and utilizing their relationship with the sport in the course of an abroad experience. As the video shows, athletes generally don't come back the same people.

Views: 3774

click to view this vid! Sparks' Coxswain Curriculum Video

This video works through Sparks' coxswain curriculum developed over four years by Marcus McElhenney, Laura Simon, and other national team coxswains. The film makes an effort to educate and put the curriculum in coxswains' hands for their own use regardless of whether they use Sparks.

Views: 1663

click to view this vid! How Not to Look Stupid on a Rower

Prevent bad rowing form by watching Von Frohlich's 90-second how-to.

Views: 2338

click to view this vid! Zoe, the rower.

My 20 month old daughter erging at Fairmount Rowing Association in Philadelphia, PA.

Views: 2554

click to view this vid! Row 2013

Short montage of the KCVI season practises

Views: 4838

click to view this vid! Core Coordination, The Ten Stroke Challenge

Hoola Hoop exercises can improve balance. Improved balance can be demonstrated sitting on a Physioball with the feet off of the ground, going out to the catch and back to the finish.as if one were rowing. These relaxing and loosening exercises complement the cardiopulmonary and musculoskeletal workouts rowing. It is the "anti-ergometer" in that no forces are applied outside the body; otherwise one falls.

Views: 2745

click to view this vid! GoPro Camera Side-View Setup for Stroke Analysis

GoPro Hero2 camera on mount extended a few feet outboard of the oarlock. Great for capturing video for stroke analysis. Stable and 100% stationary (relative to the hull), captures full range of stroke cycle plus opposite side blade work.

Views: 3768

click to view this vid! Olaf Tufte in Slow Motion

Olaf Tufte in Slow Motion.avi Studies in slow motion of Olaf Tufte in the 2004 OLympic Finals Mens 1x and on a Concept2 ergometer...

Views: 4819

click to view this vid! Solutions to Common Problems.

USA Rowing

Views: 2852

click to view this vid! Susan Francia - Rowing Machine

In this Pro Tips 4U sports training sample video, Susan Francia, Gold Medal Olympic Rower, goes over the Rowing Machine. Learn the secrets of the proper form on the machine, such as, how to hold you chest, your grip and shin position, plus why you need to keep you shoulders in front of your hips. Susan also gives you a tip of starting with your legs only, then adding in your arms and upper body. Susan also talks about the importance of core strength, the proper finish and why she uses a mirror when training. Visit Susan's Pro Tips page here: bit.ly

Views: 4152

click to view this vid! Remo de Chile, Club Estrella Blanca

Escuela de Remo, Club Estrella Blanca, Puerto Montt, Región de Los Lagos, Chile

Views: 3570

click to view this vid! Bill Tait talking Leg Drive in Rowing

One of Australia's leading coaches, talks leg drive in rowing

Views: 5362

click to view this vid! Saratoga Rowing Association Freshman 8 Girls win NYS Championship as seen from a JonesCAM HD cap cam

JonesCAM, JonesCAM HD, JonesCAM "ION" HD Advantage, HD, rowing, Saratoga Rowing Association, Freshman 8 Girls rowing, Saratoga Lake, NYS Scholastic rowing, The JonesCAM "ION" HD Advantage capcam was worn during several races at the NYS Scholastic s Rowing Championships on Saratoga Lake. The race was hosted by the Saratoga Rowing Association with over 600 boats were entered. The clip shown is from the Freshman 8 Girls team from the cox cap as the go on to win in the rain. For more information about this HD recorder that retails for $189.00 complete, go to HTTP://.www.JonesCAM.tv The Saratoga Rowing Associations website is : HTTP://www.Saratogarowing.com

Views: 4720

click to view this vid! Saratoga Rowing NYS Championships Freshman 8 Girls cap cam from JonesCAM

Saratoga Rowing video from Freshman 8 Cox capcam from JonesCAM during their races and win at NYS Championships. For more info on this $189.00 roduct for training, races, coaches and more, go to www.JonesCAM.tv

Views: 4043

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