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EARC HW Men: Stevenson Cup
US Naval Academy vs. Columbia, George Washingon and FIT
May 4, 2014; Mercer County
Submitted by Navy Coaching Staff.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: 18-20 mph tailwind with chop and whitecaps. Stevenson Cup was between Navy and Columbia's varsity boats.

Varsity 8
Navy 5:42.3
Columbia 5:45.2
GW 5:46.1
FIT 5:46.9

2nd Varsity 8
Navy 5:53.0
Columbia 5:57.1
GW 6:00.2
FIT 6:13.4

Frosh/Novice 8
GW 5:56.2
Navy 6:04.7

4th Varsity:
Navy 6:08.3
Columbia 6:24.5

3rd Varsity
Navy 5:57.3
Columbia 6:12.9

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