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03/29/2012  11:23:53 AM
Rowers are hardcore. Can't tell from this what situation the other boats were in. Was this boat just overloaded, or was everyone else taking water? Sorry, jeanapoo, I like it that this crew didn't quit and I like that the cox started trying to bail with a sponge, even though it was a futile effort. I recall doing a start in a race on the Harlen River in a Circle Liner wake. A couple of years ago here in DC, a college crew (women, I think) swamped near the airport (where they shouldn't have been, given the wind conditions) and, unlike the case in the video, it was early spring and cold. The harbor patrol had to rescue them, along with the knuckleheaded coach who took them down there in the first place. This was just good, clean fun and had a happy ending, not a bunch of hypothermic rowers.

05/20/2009  12:33:37 PM
definitely a men's crew "no, no, we must protect our egos! and our pride!" haha any women's crew would have been out of there in a heartbeat

04/30/2009  9:45:05 PM
Gotta love the officials at races these days. "No, no, we're rowers, we're hardcore."

04/30/2009  7:01:32 PM
lovely deleting my comments. thankyou moderators. was what I said really that bad you had to go and delete it?

were fine were fine just let me reel my sponge in

04/30/2009  8:45:08 AM
i know this sucks, but i couldn't stop laughing.

04/29/2009  9:37:22 PM
Were they really that far down that they were getting waked out by the launches?

04/29/2009  7:35:57 PM
I love that the cox hails the official's launch over, says that they need help, and immediately gets out of the boat, leaving the entire crew with the shell. (Granted, she was probably worried that her coach would yell at her for getting the camera wet "Whelp, guys! I know you'd like to race, but I had to sit in this puddle since we launched, so I'm out of here!"

04/29/2009  4:39:20 PM
"We're fine we're fine." No sir, you are not.

04/29/2009  6:24:26 AM
I love when the sponge floated away

04/28/2009  12:18:27 PM
at least they didn't need to shower after the race!

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