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Stories, Anecdotes, and War Relics
from the World of Rowing

In this section, we will post stories and anecdotes from readers, Usenet, your email, anywhere we can get them...

Send your stories here. Copyright will remain with the writer, although row2k reserves the right to post and archive any and all submissions, for all eternity (unless you ask me to take them down!).


  • Rowing to Dubai
    Every morning I sat on the terrace and waited for him. Night would fade to gray dawn, the sun's first rays struck the kilometer-high spire of Burj Khalifa,and then the sculler would appear.

  • Persevering in the Boat
    Stanford lightweight rower Sarah Hirshorn on life and rowing lessons from her grandfather.

  • Igor Grinko: A Remembrance
    A remembrance of Igor Grinko, by Brian Jamieson. Igor was a great man, coach, and friend, and will be greatly missed.

  • Hoea Kaha--Paddle Strongly
    I write these words in praise of many things. In praise of the Waikato river with its swirls and currents, its hidden corners and sandbanks, and in praise of the people who took the time to paddle with us

  • Rowing in All 50 States
    Wouldn’t it be nice to row on the Mississippi up north where it is small? This would be an excuse to prowl around the Rocky Mountains. New York’s Finger Lakes and New England are all pretty places. Let’s explore them by boat. And so the plot was hatched!

  • A Memorable Race at Henley Women’s Regatta
    A recounting, from the umpire's launch, of the epic 2012 Peabody Cup Final between Phillips Exeter and Mt St Joseph.

  • Nights before a Championship…
    Anyone who has ever participated in a sport knows the feeling…the pre-competition nerves that take over on the eve of competition.

  • Flash
    About halfway down the lake, I noticed a very peculiar trend. Some of the other boats were already heading back, not even fifteen minutes into the practice.

  • Legacy
    A poem by Rose Ehrlich, a senior who rows two-seat for the Mount Saint Joseph varsity eight. She wrote this poem to read to her team mates at the boat talk before her final Head of the Charles rowing for the Mount.

  • Gently Down the Stream
    I was a coxswain at Merion Mercy Academy in Philadelphia for the past 4 years of high school, so when asked to write a definition paper for my english class, naturally, I defined the word "crew". The meaning came upon me during last years Head of the Charles regatta, so I felt it necessary to share it with the rowing world headed to Boston this year.

  • 7AM Warmup in Oak Ridge
    Junior rower Hannah Weiss bring us this essay, about her "first ever row before dawn" in Oak Ridge, TN.

  • 6 am Practice
    Junior lightweight rower Samantha Brecht makes her second contribution to row2k with a poem on the everyday early morning practices that help her crew to their goals

  • Reflections from a Rogue Rower
    It's on, baby. For me that means forgetting that I am now in the third race of my entire two-year illustrious rowing career, rowing against men who collectively have sixty-years (or more) rowing experience. My start sucks...

  • RBC Horrorshow: Halloween on the Charles
    I get all misty eyed thinking of the 30-deep field for the Armada Cup Boston: a Hawaiian tourist here, a bumble bee there-oh look, there's a dude in gold sequined flashdance 4ss pants! And what's this? What do my keen ears detect? Could it be the Bee Gees' "Stayin Alive" drifting out across the field?

  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat
    Junior lightweight rower Samantha Brecht makes her row2k debut with an essay on high school rowing in Philadelphia from the rower's perspective

  • The 2K
    If you are one who participates in the "legendary" sport called crew, you certainly know the one aspect that is dreaded by all, the 2k.

  • Kerry Encounter at the 2006 Head Of The Charles Regatta
    I stop, look at him, and said, "Dude, you look a lot like John Kerry" He responds; "because I am".

  • Tell Me Rowers
    Tell me rowers eight and strong, why do you pull the boat along?

  • Best Lesson I Ever Had!

  • Christening of the Charlie Grimes
    Comments from David H. Wight of the 1956 Olympic Crew

  • Note to the Rowing Community from John and Phoebe Murphy

  • Orange and Maroon Effect Day at SIRA's

  • Misty Morning
    ...a boat gliding across the water, the movement of the crew reduced by the fog. A boat of the dead, the Flying Dutchmen of Townlake.

  • Eight Tough Minutes: Lindsay Meyer
    US JW1x bronze medalist Lindsay Meyer's account of her Jr. Worlds semifinal; in 2006, Meyer was the first U.S. junior women's sculler ever to medal at the World Championships

  • Vires et Honestas
    "Attention!" This is it. Are you ready?

  • Head of the Fox Salutes Matt Fox
    The 17th annual Tail of the Fox Regatta in was about a lot more than a great day of racing on the Fox River.

  • Next thing I know, I am under water
    We proceeded at stately pace through the basin, in a two story tall power boat, with an orange Van Dusen perched across the rear guardrails, gently waking everyone and everything

  • 8,999 Meters
    Nothing quite like a warm bath in the morning...

  • Camp Reflections
    "We learned from the coaching; we learned from each other:" Jim Preston recalls a week at The All American Rowing Camp masters camps

  • If you're rowing in Texas while Dick Cheney's out hunting, what boat should you row?

  • Early Morning

  • Coxswains Can Fly
    This is not the story of a first practice, or a novice race, or a monster crab. No.

  • An Ode to the 8
    Heavy, outdated, full of wood/You gave us the best that you could.

  • The High School Rowing Life
    My friends think I’m crazy.

  • The Colgate Snow Coxed Four
    Ready all - melt - please...

  • Sully's Rowing Christmas Carols

  • Torque gets first!!!

  • Otter Attacks Coaching Staff
    Otter terrorizes rowing coaches

  • Rowing in Iraq
    Letter from Iraq, Diane F. Godorov, D.O. CPT MC, US Army

  • A crab in the life of a novice eight
    Whoah, Coach never told me that could happen

  • The Worst Erg Music
    Stop asking me why we build castles in the sky - I'm trying to erg!

  • A Rowing Billet-Doux

  • Shakespeare on Morning Practices
    To bed, or not to bed: that is the question:
    Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to linger
    Twixt sheets and pillows of luxurious fortune,
    Or to take oars to row a sea of honors,
    And by stroking win them? To row--or sleep...