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If you need row2k, row2k needs you.

Tremendous thanks to these individuals for expressing their appreciation for our efforts with their hard-earned dollars; we are tremendously appreciative of your support!! See also our
Supporters from 2013
Supporters from 2012
Supporters from 2011
Supporters from 2010
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2014 Supporters
Olympians ($1000+):
Gold Medal ($500+):
Silver Medal ($250+):
-William Purdy
-Peter Hanlon
-Brian Dawe
-Scott Ramsey
Bronze Medal ($100+):
-William Fedyna
-Elpi and Thomas Paradiso
-Delaware Men's Crew Alumni Association
-The University Barge Club
-Gail Brownell
-Todd Ridenour
-Scott Alwin
-Robert McNamara
-Alessandro Selvig
"A" Finalists ($60+):
-Andrew Levitt
-James Ireland
-Eduardo Mazarredo
-James Sands
-Timothy Huebner
-David Powers
-Margery Mark

-Brendon Loveday
-Hollis Hatton
-Mark Salute
-Kevin Horihan
-Michael Ball
-Rebecca Henriquez
-Sarasota Scullers
-Sandy Run Scullers
-Theresa Lindgren
-Alice Cavallo
-John Wojtkiewicz
-Pamela Yost
-Patricia Taylor
-Lakeside School
-Paul Schugsta
-Lake Braddock Crew Boosters
-Thomas Herrington
-Aaron Benson
-John Swift
-RIT Crew
-Bill Schiffli
-Richard Hundahl
-Chris Vrolyk
-Clifford Dacso
-Ginger McNally
-Sue Rauth
-Michael Gladwin
-John Swift
-Sandra Chu
-Laura Rauchfuss
-David E Frost
-Hans Halvorson
-Tim Mead
-Sharon Kriz
-Raleigh Rowing Center
-Daniel C Eck
-Chicago Rowing Union
-Maryann McCormick
-Tom Richbourg
-Hope Pinkerton
-Roger Foster
-Lee D Smith
-Bruce Ladd
-Donna Gormley
-Drew Palavage
-James Storm
-Bardwell Stebbins
-Daniel Page
-Dorian Weber
-George Pappas
-George Pomeroy
-Gail Lahm
-Gail Helfer

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