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Collegiate Women: Kittel Cayuga Combo
March 31, 2012; Onondaga Lake, Syracuse, NY
Submitted by Alicea Strodel.

Conditions: Weather: mid 30's with a 8-10 mph tailwind. Moderate chop for the first 750 m. Once inside the inlet, water was flat.
Comments: Both the Rutgers/Cornell V4 race and the Rutgers/Cornell 3V8 race were approximately 1900m as the crews came off the stake boats and continued with a floating start.

Varsity Eight Heat 1
Boston U 6:45.8
Syracuse 6:47.4
Varsity Eight Heat 2:
Cornell 6:55.7
Rutgers 7:10.2
2nd Varsity Eight Heat 1
Syracuse 7:08.2
Boston U 7:14.9
2nd Varsity 8 Heat 2:
Cornell 7:00.1
Rutgers 7:31.0
Varsity Four Heat 1
Syracuse 7:58.9
Boston U 8:05.9
Varsity Four Heat 2:
Cornell 7:36.5
Cornell B 7:46.4
Rutgers 8:23.1
3V8 Heat 1
Syracuse 7:23.0
Boston U 7:35.0
3V8 Heat 2
Cornell 6:55.8
Cornell B 7:10.0
Rutgers 7:25.3
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