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EARC HW Men: Childs Cup
Columbia University vs. Princeton, Pennsylvania
April 13, 2013; Overpeck park
Submitted by Columbia Rowing Staff.

Distance: 2000 M
Conditions: No wind. No water movement. Perfect racing conditions.
Comments: In the 1V race, a high school 4+ wandered onto the race course in Pennsylvania's lane, and had to be ushered out of the way. The intrusion was disruptive to Pennsylvania's race, but Pennsylvania did not appear to steer to avoid the crew.

Varsity 8
Princeton 5:45.0
Columbia 5:47.5
Pennsylvania 5:56.2

2nd Varsity 8
Princeton 5:49.8
Pennsylvania 5:57.3
Columbia 5:58.8

Varsity Four
Pennsylvania 7:05.9
Columbia 7:25.4

4th Varsity 8+:
Princeton 6:06.9
Pennsylvania 2F 6:13.0
Princeton 5V 6:40.0

3rd Varsity 8+
Princeton 6:00.1
Pennsylvania 1F 6:03.7
Columbia 6:11.0

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