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Head Race: Tough Cup
September 29, 2012; Chicago, IL
Thanks to Montana Butsch.
Conditions: Set on a sunny day on the 29th of September the Chicago Training Center hosted the first annual ‘Tough Cup’ for the local crews CTC, St. Ignatius, and Crystal Lake. The Tough Cup program was a three event head race (Boy’s 8’s, Girls 8’s, Boy’s 4+, Girls 4+, Boys 4x, and Girls 4x) plus a timed physical event with each squad represented by a team of 10 (5 girls and 5 boys) to undergo a physical gauntlet. The final results after the points tally were: 1st St. Ignatius 2nd Chicago Training Center 3rd Crystal Lake We look forward to more competition next year on the final Saturday of September!

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Problems viewing this file? Download results here!

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