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EARC HW Men: Bill Cup
Boston University vs. Dartmouth
April 21, 2013; Boston, MA
Submitted by Boston coaching staff.

Distance: 2k
Conditions: Variable, Gusty, Cross-Head, decreasing as morning progressed. Order of racing: 3V, 4+, 2V, 1V
Comments: Rutgers unable to attend due to the change in schedule from Saturday to Sunday.

Varsity 8
Boston 6:03.3
Dartmouth 6:09.8

2nd Varsity 8
Boston 6:17.7
Dartmouth 6:23.2

Varsity Four
Boston 7:16.1
Dartmouth 7:22.3

Dartmouth 6:25.2
Boston 3V 6:30.7
Boston 4V 6:31.7

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