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HS/Scholastic: St. Paul's School (Girls Eights) vs. Phillips Exeter Academy
May 19, 2012; Turkey Pond, Concord, NH
Submitted by Michael Spencer.

Distance: 1500 meters
Conditions: Conditions: calm to light variable tail wind
Comments: Order of racing: G4-G3-G2-G1-G5 In the G4 race, an SPS rower had her oar pop out of the oarlock 750 meters in and got it back in place after 200 meters. G6 raced in the G5 race.

Varsity 8
SPS 4:51.6
PEA 4:55.8

2nd Varsity 8
PEA 5:00.1
SPS 5:15.4

4th Varsity 8:
PEA 5:46.3
SPS 6:08.4

3rd Varsity 8
PEA 5:17.6
SPS 5:30.5

5th Varsity 8:
PEA 5 5:38.5
PEA 6 5:43.7
SPS 5 6:16.3

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