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Collegiate Women: Simmons vs. Bates, UVM
April 7, 2012; Charles River, Boston
Submitted by Naomi Walker.

Distance: 2,000m
Conditions: 15 mph cross-headwind with gusts.
Comments: In 1V race, UVM bow seat caught crab at 1k mark. Crab was not boat-stopping, crew recovered quickly. In 3V race, UVM raced as a novice boat.

Varsity 8
Bates 7:05.94
Simmons 7:23.69
UVM 7:35.90

2nd Varsity 8
Bates 7:23.26
Simmons 7:30.01
UVM 7:48.62

3rd Varsity 8
Bates 7:34.84
UVM 7:52.10
Simmons 8:35.60

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