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Ellen Tomek - Eight Years Later
"Last time, I was just so excited to be going. I knew I wanted to race hard, go fast, and do well; but I lacked a sense of purpose. This time, we are on a mission for the podium." ...more

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row2k Starting Five: Tyler Nase
"I asked one guy where try outs were, and he said, "don't bother you probably aren't tough enough." I showed up that afternoon and the coaches had us run hills for an hour. I made sure I lapped the guy who said I couldn't cut it, not just once but 3 times."    » more
Gevvie Stone - Four Years Later
"In London, whenever a British boat passed, the crowd would go crazy, yelling "Go GB! Go GB!" While rowing, it sounds just like "Go Gevvie! Go Gevvie!" so I turned it into positive encouragement for my rowing."    » more
row2k Starting Five: Austin Hack
"I don't remember my first water session per se, but I do recall a moment early on in these learn-to-row camps when a coxswain had to tell me to tone it down because I was going too hard."    » more
row2k Starting Five: Grace Luczak
"I did my first 2k as per my sister's suggestion "establish a baseline" (and probably entertain my sister). She set it for 2k and off I went. After asking her a couple of times if I was doing it right, she advised me not to talk and to go harder."    » more


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