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Note from Igor Grinko
December 21, 2011
source: George Fry, Jr.

Dear Ed,

So many people sent to me post cards and emails. Please tell them thanks and best wishes from me on your website for their support and care. Thank you.

Best Regards,

December 20, 2011

To: Ed Hewitt
Subject: Thanks from Igor Grinko

Igor asked me to pass along his thanks to you for posting the letter (Nov. 21st 2011) from Bob Jaugstetter, and to all those in the rowing community who have sent him cards and letters to wish him well. It has meant a lot to Igor and Kira to receive so many kind thoughts and prayers in this difficult time. I am amazed how far he has come since his multiple surgeries about 2 months ago and then his extended stay in the hospital.

However, Igor still has a very long battle ahead of him. Yesterday he began his chemo, and while it went well, it is just the first step on a very long journey to fight off the cancer and regain his health and strength.

If anyone else wants to send along a note or card, his address is:

Igor Grinko
1223 Wood Valley Road
Augusta, GA 30909

Again, thanks for caring,
George Fry, Jr.


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