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Henley Sunday: Pumped Up and Near-Perfect
Henley Royal Regatta 2017 went out in a blaze of July sunshine, broken course records, rising gender equality and an air of having the time of its life ...more

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Henley Saturday: Dramatic Semis, Steering, and Scene
Five more hours of racing will create the peak of the year for dozens of nervous athletes, bidding to win a little red medal box which will remind them forever that on one particular day in 2017, they were the best.    » more
Who and When to Watch (in person on online) at Henley Sunday
Henley Royal Regatta has reached finals day; here are the don't miss races of the day, with info on when and how to see them - including the HRR's first-ever Facebook live feeds    » more
Henley Friday: Women Shine but Men Burn Brighter
Henley goes and launches three new women's events, and the men promptly step up their game: try as I might it was nigh impossible to make this Friday report all about the gals    » more
Who and When to Watch (in person, online, on TV) at Henley Saturday
Saturday equals semi-finals at Henley Royal Regatta    » more

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