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Reflections from a Rogue Rower
July 20, 2010
It's on, baby. For me that means forgetting that I am now in the third race of my entire two-year illustrious rowing career, rowing against men who collectively have sixty-years (or more) rowing experience. My start sucks...  more

RBC Horrorshow: Halloween on the Charles
November 2, 2009
I get all misty eyed thinking of the 30-deep field for the Armada Cup Boston: a Hawaiian tourist here, a bumble bee there-oh look, there's a dude in gold sequined flashdance 4ss pants! And what's this? What do my keen ears detect? Could it be the Bee Gees' "Stayin Alive" drifting out across the field?  more

Masters Nationals; Post Mortem
August 20, 2009
Despite the emotional roller coaster that racing is, I was more than surprised about some of the stories and some of the scenes I either witnessed or heard about  more

Masters Nationals... Live Update
August 14, 2009
While most of the rowing community is focusing on the upcoming World Championships in Poland, the elder members of USRowing are slugging it out in Camden, NJ  more

A Master’s View on Aging
July 15, 2009
Someone, in their infinite wisdom, decided that I was physically capable to compete against other women rowers that were as much as six years younger than I  more

Blood Over Water
June 5, 2009
We just survived Mothers Day. Fathers Day is only a week or two away. What's sorely missing is "Brothers Day." The battle between brothers, the love between brothers, the loyalty between brothers, this is the stuff of life and, occasionally, the stuff of legend.  more

Row, Row, Row Your Boat
May 25, 2009
Junior lightweight rower Samantha Brecht makes her row2k debut with an essay on high school rowing in Philadelphia from the rower's perspective  more

The 2K
April 22, 2009
If you are one who participates in the "legendary" sport called crew, you certainly know the one aspect that is dreaded by all, the 2k.  more

The World of Rowing
Kerry Encounter at the 2006 Head Of The Charles Regatta
December 17, 2008
I stop, look at him, and said, "Dude, you look a lot like John Kerry" He responds; "because I am".  more

December is for Down-time? Not Really
December 9, 2008
It's December, and like most masters rowers, I should be cross-training, sleeping, enjoying time off with the family, and catching up on all the stuff I put off this fall. Unfortunately, it's just not going that way.  more

My Coxswain Tells Me
September 18, 2008
Words by Tom Boyd. Inspired in part by the music and cadence to Nettie Moore, by Bob Dylan.  more

It's Master's Race Time
July 3, 2008
I don't know who decided that the summer should be the master's sprint race season. Surely someone knew that as we age, our ability to adjust to fluctuations in temperature decrease, and things such as hormonal changes make some of us feel hot all the time.  more

Spring Madness
April 28, 2008
Cranking on an oar makes you less cranky.  more

Champion Stock?
March 18, 2008
I'm not a champion, nor do I come from champion stock. I'm the most athletic person in my family, and I have no idea why.  more

Tell Me Rowers
March 13, 2008
Tell me rowers eight and strong, why do you pull the boat along?  more

Best Lesson I Ever Had!
September 20, 2007
My introduction to the sport , 20 years ago, consisted of a coach telling me, "You're tiny, you're not particularly strong, and you have no flexibility whatsoever. What i'm trying to tell you in my own subtle way is that you're gonna suck at rowing. If you're willing to accept that I'm happy to coach you."  more

Christening of the Charlie Grimes
August 12, 2007
Comments from David H. Wight of the 1956 Olympic Crew.  more

Virginia Tech's crews were all entered in SIRA this weekend. After several very gutwrenching discussions on what they wanted to do, they have scratched most of their entries but two boats will still be racing.  more

Misty Morning
March 14, 2007
...a boat gliding across the water, the movement of the crew reduced by the fog. A boat of the dead, the Flying Dutchmen of Townlake.  more

Eight Tough Minutes: Lindsay Meyer
January 9, 2007
US JW1x bronze medalist Lindsay Meyer's account of her Jr. Worlds semifinal; in 2006, Meyer was the first U.S. junior women's sculler ever to medal at the World Championships.  more

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