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Competitive Edge
  • All Things Considered: Combining Erg Corrections
    At the Texas Rowing Center, Masters rowers have all the variables of age, weight and gender factored into the results of club erg competitions. Take a look at how all the computations balanced out.

row2k Interviews
  • row2k Interview - Virginia's Grace Tuttle
    This week's interview is with fifth-year senior Grace Tuttle from Virginia. Tuttle quit the sport after high school and told the UVA coaches she was never doing it again. Now she is the team captain.

  • row2k Interview - Dartmouth's Wyatt Genasci-Smith
    This week's feature is an interview with Dartmouth Lightweight Wyatt Genasci-Smith, who, as a sophomore this year is studying abroad in Cambodia prior to his return for the spring racing season. We chat with him about the role his teammates play in life as well as his world travels.

  • row2k Interview - San Diego State's Bianca van Dyk
    This week's feature is with Kiwi and San Diego State freshman Bianca van Dyk. We chat with Bianca about finding rowing from netball, and her transition from Zealand to the United States.

  • row2k Interview - Cornell Lightweight Matt White
    This week row2k features Matt White, a senior captain on Cornell's Lightweight squad. When Matt isn't rowing, studying, or competing in Ironmans, he's completing the Rubik's Cube in under 30 seconds.

  • row2k Interview - Ohio State's Aina Cid
    This week's row2k Interview is with Ohio State senior rower Aina Cid, who qualified the Spanish W2- for the Olympic Games at the FOQR and raced to a 6th place finish in Rio.

  • row2k Interview - Princeton's David Bewicke-Copley
    Looking for a nice, light workout to do during winter break? Why not try the workout that Princeton freshman David Bewicke-Copley did last month: 100k erg, followed by running a marathon. Oh, and his split for the 100k was unofficially a world record!

  • row2k Interview - Lewis & Clark's Ryan LaVigne
    This week row2k features Lewis & Clark transgender rower Ryan LaVigne. LaVigne traveled a long way to find a place to row in college and is one of only a handful of transgendered athletes competing in the NCAA.

  • row2k Interview - Fordham's Billy Haug
    This week row2k features Fordham Lightweight rower Billy Haug. Haug walked on to the Fordham squad from Reno, Nevada following a crushing leg injury in a car accident.

  • row2k Interview - Radcliffe Lightweight Naomi Lang
    This week row2k features Radcliffe Senior Lightweight rower Naomi Lang. Lang made her way to Radcliffe from Australia, has won IRA gold, and this year started Female Athletes of Boston.

  • row2k Interview - Stanford Lightweight Sarah Hirshorn
    This week's feature is with Stanford Junior Lightweight rower Sarah Hirshorn. Hirshorn learned to row from her grandfather, has started a community service project, and won the IRA in 2015.

  • row2k Interview - Wisconsin's Brianna Dahm
    This week row2k interviews Wisconsin senior Brianna Dahm. Dahm has had a very busy four years in Madison, balancing rowing with school, National Guard, and ROTC.

  • row2k Interview - Cal's Natan Wegrzycki-Szymczyk
    This week row2k interviews Natan Wegrzycki-Szymczyk, a sophomore at Cal and the current single sculler for Poland. We chat with Wegrzycki-Szymczyk about how me got to Berkeley from Poland and his very busy plans for this spring and summer.

  • row2k Interview - Washington's Sarah Dougherty
    This week row2k features an interview with Washington Senior rower Sarah Dougherty. As a former swimmer, Dougherty started as a novice at Washington and won two U23 World Championships this past summer.

  • Coxing the Stampfli Express
    Interview with coxswain and USRowing official Tim Edsell after his ride coxing the 144-ft 1000 lb Stampfli Express 24.

  • row2k Interview - Duke's Katie Dukovich
    This week row2k features an interview with Duke Senior rower Katie Dukovich. Find out how Dukovich rowed her way to college and what she thinks is more special than winning Justin Bieber tickets.

  • row2k Interview - Tufts JJ Zhou
    row2k kicks of our 2016 spring collegiate racing preview with an interview with Tufts senior oarsman JJ Zhou. Zhou is currently wrapping up a winter break solo bike ride from Boston to Florida to help raise funds for Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues.

  • row2k Interview: Sportswriter John Powers of the Boston Globe (Part 2)
    In Part 2 of our interview with Boston Globe sportswriter John Powers, we take a look at the changes in the print news landscape and how these changes affect sports downriver of mainstream sports coverage.

  • row2k Interview: Sportswriter John Powers of the Boston Globe
    row2k interview with Boston Globe Sportswriter John Powers, a 42-year veteran of the paper and a friend of rowing and rowers. In part 1 of our interview, Powers talks to row2k about his relationship with the sport.

  • row2k Interview - Nick Trojan rows to Catalina
    Open water rowing isn't all Atlantic crossings and round-the-world trips - a few weeks back Nick Trojan, a four-time member of the US National Team, adventured in his single from the Southern California Coast to Catalina Island.

  • Interview with RDU Crew, a new rowing program started by HS students
    Brand new rowing clubs pop at regular intervals these days. Usually it takes them a few years to become something of note and unfortunately (more often than not) many don’t survive long enough to have their story told.

  • row2k Interview - Wisconsin Coxswain Tenzin Khangkar
    row2k wraps up our spring collegiate features with Wisconsin lightweight coxswain Tenzin Khangkar. Khangkar came to the USA with her family from Tibet and got her start in rowing at Row New York prior to coxing the Wisconsin LW4+ to the IRA title in 2014.

  • row2k Interview - Virginia's Sam Casto
    This week's feature is an interview with Virginia junior rower Sam Casto. Casto picked up the sport as a novice at Georgia Tech, and has since transferred to UVa and raced as the USA W1x at the 2014 U23 World Championships, finishing 10th.

  • row2k Interview - Williams' Gemma Holt
    This week's feature is with Williams sophomore Gemma Holt. Holt and her family just returned from summiting Mount Vinson, the tallest peak in Antarctica at 16,050 feet.

  • row2k Interview - Penn's Dara Alizadeh
    This week row2k interviews Penn Heavyweight senior rower Dara Alizadeh. Alizadeh picked up rowing in middle school, and now his entire family is involved with the sport.

  • row2k Interview - Cal Coxswain Julian Venonsky
    This week, we stay in the bay area with an interview with Cal junior coxswain Julian Venonsky. Venonsky transitioned from rowing in high school to coxing in college and last season coxed the Cal JV to Pac-12, IRA, and Henley titles.

  • row2k Interview - Stanford's Kay Rusher
    This week row2k features an interview with Stanford Junior rower Kay Rusher. Rusher comes from a rowing family: both parents were Olympians and her sister is a current teammate, while her mother raced with her current coach Yaz Farooq.

  • row2k Interview - Columbia Lightweight Andrew Bartholomew
    row2k kicks off our preview of the 2015 spring collegiate racing season this week with an interview with Columbia Lightweight Junior rower Andrew Bartholomew.

  • Row2k Interview: Andy Teitelbaum
    Andy Teitelbaum has been the head coach at Ohio State since the inception of the women’s rowing program in 1995. Coach Teitelbaum has built his program into one of the most successful teams in the country during his tenure.

  • Rowing the Big Muddy: row2k Interview with Greg Spooner
    row2k Interview with Greg Spooner of Oar Northwest about their recent educational rowing expedition down the full length of the Mississippi River

  • Mileage Makes Champions: Peter Mallory on Steve Fairbairn on Rowing
    "Mileage makes champions" - almost every rowing coach knows the phrase, but relatively few know who first said it - Peter Mallory has now made Steve Fairbairn's complete writings available to all

  • row2k Interview: Kaffe Break with Olympic Rowing Champ Olaf Tufte
    If there is a product that would make sense for a rower with a sufficiently hig profile to endorse, it might be coffee; introducing Tufte Kaffe

  • row2k Interview: Andrew Campbell
    row2k talked to US sculler Andrew Campbell as he embarked on a rare attempt to compete in two World Championship regattas in one season

  • Ron Chen: Rowing ref, USRowing VP, and, uh, Emmy winner
    US rowing ref wins an Emmy (a couple of them, in fact)

  • row2k Interview - Smith's Theo Cielos
    Most rowers get started in adolescence in HS or college, or maybe as a masters rower in a club. Not so common is Theo Cielos's experience - as an adult woman rowing in a college setting.

  • Talking rowing with Alex Trebek: Middlebury's Erika Sloan

    Erika Sloan, a sophomore rower at Middlebury College, fulfilled a lifelong dream this winter when she participated as a contestant on Jeopardy—and got to chat rowing with Alex Trebek.

  • row2k Interview - Brendon Stoner of Dartmouth
    row2k wraps up our spring preview features with an interview with Dartmouth senior Brendon Stoner. Stoner returned to rowing following a major back injury in high school and recently won a silver medal as part of the USA U23 M8+ in 2013.

  • row2k Interview - Northeastern's Nicole Bishop
    This week's feature is with Northeastern's fifth year novice rower Nicole Bishop. Bishop started rowing following four years of volleyball at NU but is picking it up quickly thanks to a family connection to the sport.

  • row2k Interview - Princeton's Eden Full
    This week's interview is with Princeton lightweight coxswain Eden Full. Full, a junior, is just coming off a two year fellowship to develop the SunSaluter, a gravity powered device that helps solar panels follow the sun, while providing clean water for developing countries.

  • row2k Interview - Oregon State's Chen Oshri
    This week's spring collegiate preview interview is with Oregon State rower Chen Oshri. Oshri is from Israel and talks about how she got her start in rowing, her military service, and racing at the U23 World Championships.

  • Southern Speed in Sarasota
    Building a new tradition of success in an unlikely place

  • row2k Interview - George Washington's Trofym Anderson
    This week's row2k Interview is with George Washington senior rower Trofym Anderson. Anderson, a Canadian is currently at the Sochi Olympics as part of his degree and has raced on the Canadian Junior and U23 squads.

  • row2k Interview - Gonzaga's Naseeb Bhangal
    row2k continues it's preview of the 2014 Spring Collegiate racing season with an interview with Gonzaga senior women's coxswain Naseeb Bhangal, who accidentally started rowing her freshmen year and occasionally beatboxes while coxing.

  • row2k Interview - Wellesley's Becca Kimball
    row2k kicks off our 2014 collegiate previews featuring an interview with Wellesley senior rower Becca Kimball. Kimball made the switch from basketball to rowing her freshmen year and hasn't looked back.

  • A Cox Out of Water: Katelin Snyder, US Women's National Team

    As part of our series on how coxswains survive winter training, we chat with Katelin Snyder, coxswain for the US Women's National Team. Check out Katelin in our video interview, or read the transcript.

  • A Cox Out of Water: Anna Hopkins, Williams College
    This winter, we'll be interviewing coxswains from around the country to find out how they spend their time during indoor training. This week, we row2k spoke with Anna Hopkins from Williams College.

  • row2k Interview - Will Daly
    This week's row2k Interview is with Will Daly of the USA LM4- following the crew's first World Championship A Final appearance in 13 years.

  • row2k Interview - Frank Biller
    It's a short week we for Thanksgiving, so we have a quick interview with the Virginia Men's Head Coach Frank Biller on the team's progress through the fall season, and his 'incident' at last month's Head Of The Charles.

  • row2k Interview - Kate Bertko
    This week's row2k Interview is with the winner of the 2013 Head Of The Charles Champ W1x, Kate Bertko of the USA LW2x. We talk with Kate about her transition to lightweight rowing, overcoming arrhythmias, and racing to a silver medal at the 2013 World Championships.

  • The International Experience: Life as an American Collegiate Rower
    Going to college is a scary/exciting proposition as the safety net of your parents becomes less and less secure. Now take that scenario, and instead of attending a college a few hours from home, you travel half way across the world to a school where your primary language isn’t spoken.

  • row2k Interview - Seth Weil
    This week row2k features national team newcomer Seth Weil of the USA Men's Four. We chatted with Seth about his journey from UC Davis to the priority boat of American sweep rowing, what he learned in his first season of elite racing, and more!

  • row2k Interview - USRowing's Curtis Jordan
    row2k had a quick chat with USRowing High Performance Director Curtis Jordan following the 2013 World Rowing Championships on the team's performance in Chungju and their plans for the future.

  • row2k Interview - Virginia's Jonathan Furlong
    row2k wraps our series of spring collegiate preview features with an interview with Virginia senior oarsman Jonathan Furlong. Furlong is a fifth year senior who took off last year to make the USA U23 squad and is now back back in the boat for UVa for one last run.

  • row2k Interview - Stanford Lightweight Alex Cours
    This week, row2k features Stanford senior lightweight rower Alex Cours. Cours has been a apart of six consecutive national championship crews and talks with row2k about common threads between each and what her plans for the future are. (Editor's note - Alex is also featured in one of row2k's most viewed videos)

  • row2k Interview - Northeastern's Amanda Brem
    This week row2k features Northeastern senior Amanda Brem. Brem started rowing as a novice (on an ultimatum) and is now stroking the Huskies' Varsity 8.

  • row2k Interview - Cornell's Solveig Imsdahl
    This week's row2k Interview is with Cornell senior rower Solveig Imsdahl. Imsdahl was raised and learned to row in Germany and has spent the past two summers sculling on the USA U-23 team.

  • row2k Interview - Dartmouth Lightweight Ryan Archer
    This week row2k features Dartmouth senior lightweight rower Ryan Archer. Archer was diagnosed with cancer in high school and has since made a full recovery to help the Big Green.

  • row2k Interview - Philadelphia's Mary Costello
    This week's row2k Interview is with junior rower Mary Costello. Costello found the sport after serving a four-year enlistment in the Air Force as a Medical Technician and now uses her training to help propel the Philadelphia University women's rowing team.

  • row2k Interview - Georgetown's Henry Hoffstot
    row2k brings you a bonus interview this week, featuring Georgetown senior oarsman Henry Hoffstot. Hoffstot is in his third campaign as team captain and is looking forward to his best season as a Hoya this spring.

  • row2k Interview - Wisconsin's Gillian Lapadat
    This week row2k chat's with Wisconsin senior lightweight Gillian Lapadat; a former gymnast turned Badger rower. Find out how she got her start in the sport and how rowing and gymnastics are similar and different.

  • row2k Interview - Louisville's Hannah Ritter
    This week's row2k Interview is with Louisville junior Hannah Ritter; a ballerina in high school who chose to go to college and row instead of joining the circus.

  • row2k Interview: Eric Schmidt and the Land Rower
    Rowing in desert? Eric Schmidt built the Land Rower for exhibition at the 2012 Burning Man. Check out this week's row2k Interview for details.

  • row2k Interview: Meredith Apfelbaum of the film Backwards
    With the wide release of the movie 'Backwards' this weekend, row2k brings you another interview with one of the rowers from the film, Meredith Apfelbaum. Apfelbaum was an experienced rower who learned how to act for the film.

  • row2k Interview - Sarah Megan Thomas, from BACKWARDS
    This week's row2k Interview is with Sarah Megan Thomas, Executive Producer (and writer, and star) of the upcoming 'sports romance' film BACKWARDS, shot on location in Philadelphia.

  • row2k Interview - Saint Mary's Deanna Estes
    This week's row2k Interview chats with St Mary's senior Deanna Estes, who went from competitive cheerleading to college rugby before finally finding her way to a novice practice as a sophomore; in a week, she was hooked on rowing. Now a captain, Deanna and the Gaels are gearing up for this week's San Diego Crew Classic.

  • row2k Interview - Iona's Kyle Daly
    This week's row2k Interview checks in with Iona senior Kyle Daly, who has big goals for himself and the Gaels this spring, now that he has finally bested a knee problem that confounded 6 doctors and took a cadaver and a machine 'worse than an erg' to set straight, literally.

  • row2k Interview - Virginia's Martie Kuzzy
    Virginia senior Martie Kuzzy has won gold at Junior Worlds, raced at U23s, and helped put the Hoos over the top at the NCAAs. She's come a long way from Nordic skiing--the sport that took her brother to the Olympics--and tells row2k that rowing and family have taught her how success is sweeter when shared.

  • row2k Interview - Dartmouth's Michael Odokara-Okigbo
    This week row2k brings you an interview with Dartmouth senior heavyweight rower Michael Odokara-Okigbo. When he's not rowing, Michael sings in Dartmouth's a cappella group, the Dartmouth Aires, and the group just recently finished as runner up on the NBC show The Sing Off.

  • row2k Interview - UK Blogger Anna Railton
    This week, row2k brings you a quick email interview with UK Blogger Anna Railton on her viral (and hilarious) blog post- Rowing: The Rules.

  • row2k Interview - UCLA's Jessica McGuire
    This week's row2k Interview is with UCLA rower Jessica McGuire. We chatted with Jessica on how she got her start as a novice at UCLA, and how she beat a teratoma tumor growing in her left lung. Read below for all the mind-boggling details.

  • row2k Interview - Georgetown's Erin Landy
    This week's row2k Interview is with Georgetown lightweight rower Erin Landy and covers, among other things, her realization that pilates might not trump erging, her recent audition with the Blueman Group, and her personal experiences with tigers' blood.

  • row2k Interview - Old Dominion's Shannon Huff
    row2k's third installment in our 2012 College Preview interviews is with Old Dominion Freshman Shannon Huff. We talked with Huff about how she found her way to ODU from Victoria, Canada; her experience being a Torchbearer for the 2012 Olympics; and much more!

  • row2k Interview - Princeton's Ian Silveira
    This week's 2012 College Preview interview is with Princeton heavyweight senior Ian Silveira. row2k chats with Silveira about his time on the USA Junior and U23 squads and how those experiences will help him lead the Tigers in 2012.

  • row2k Interview - Virginia's Forrest Brown
    row2k starts off our 2012 collegiate previews featuring an interview with Virginia Freshmen rower Forrest Brown. Forrest raced in the St. Andrew's crew that made the PE Final at last year's Henley Royal Regatta and is now bringing his leadership and experience to the UVa novice squad.

  • row2k Interview - Stesha Carlé
    This week's row2k Interview is with Stesha Carlé of the silver medal winning USA W4x. Stesha shares with us how a bikini helped to get her start in rowing, her take on sweeping vs. sculling, what really happened on the Fun Bob, and more.

  • row2k Interview - Dan Walsh
    This week's row2k interview is with 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Dan Walsh from the USA M8+. We chat with Dan about the 2011 men's eight, racing in the Olympics, starting up a business, and more.

  • row2k Interview - Megan Kalmoe and The List
    This week's row2k interview goes behind the scenes with American Sculler and Blogger Megan Kalmoe on the making of the 2011 List and the impact it has had on her since it's release.

  • row2k Interview - Margot Shumway
    Beijing Olympian Margot Shumway was the US sculler in 2009 and she is back to racing the single at the Pan Am Games in Mexico this week.

  • row2k Interview - Megan Walsh
    2009 Worlds medalist Megan Walsh is looking to wrap up 2011 with a strong, two-event performance at the Pan Am Games later this week

  • row2k Interview - Tom Paradiso Part II
    In part II of this week's row2k Interview, Tom Paradiso talks about returning to chase a spot in London, the task of qualifying US lightweight boats for the Olympics, and what motivates him this time around -- plus some thoughts on his most instructive races.

  • row2k Interview - Tom Paradiso Part I
    This week's two-part row2k Interview caught up with USA Lightweight Tom Paradiso at the Oklahoma City Training Center, where he is prepping for Pan Am competition in the light double and men's quad. In Part I, Tom talks about training for the Pan Am's, his plans for next year, and how some occasional training at the office turned into a bid to return to the Olympics.

  • row2k Interview - Canada's Scott Frandsen
    Two time Olympian Scott Frandsen of the Canadian M2- is in the midst of a comeback to rowing following his retirement following his silver medal in Beijing. This week's row2k Interview talks with him about his most memorable races, the pair's final in Bled, and what he did with his spare time during retirement.

  • row2k Interview - Canadian LW Tim Myers on Team C2 100k World Record Attempt
    On Wednesday, March 30 a group of Canadian lightweight men will attempt to break the world record for team 100k on the erg. row2k chatted with one of the athletes, Tim Myers, on why they are attempting this record and what they've been doing to prepare themselves for it.

  • row2k Interview - Alvin Felman
    This week's row2k Interview is with 82 year old Alvin Feldman. Alvin rowed for the University of South Florida at the Sarasota Invitional, and unofficially became the oldest athlete to compete in an athletic event for a recognized university.

  • row2k Interview - Princeton's Caroline Clark
    This week's college preview interview is with Princeton senior lightweight Caroline Clark. row2k chats with Caroline on being a lightweight rower at Princeton and about the challenges of competitive rowing while being legally deaf.

  • row2k Interview - Radcliffe's Lizzy Bates
    This week's college preview interview is with Radcliffe senior lightweight Lizzy Bates. row2k chats with Bates about being from a rowing family, racing on the U23 team, and what she loves about the sport.

  • row2k Interview - Clemson's Liz Robb
    This week's college preview interview is with Clemson senior Liz Robb. In addition to being an integral part of Clemson's recent success, Robb has been a part of the USA U23 team and talks with row2k about rowing Clemson and perservering through injury and family tragedy.

  • row2k Interview - Washington's Ty Otto
    This week's spring collegiate preview interview is with Washington senior Ty Otto. Otto raced in the 2010 Husky V8+ and USA U23 M8+ and talks about rowing at UW, goals for his senior year, and the Huskies rivalry with Cal.

  • row2k Interview - Navy's Alex Lizotte
    row2k kicks off our spring collegiate preview with the story of Navy sophomore Alex Lizotte. Lizotte was diagnosed with cancer during race season last spring, and has not only made a full recovery but raced in Navy's Varsity 8+ this fall.

  • row2k Interview - Canada's Kevin Light: Part III
    row2k concludes its three-part interview with Canada's Kevin Light. Light was a member of the Canadian men's eight from 2002 to 2008. In Part III of the feature, Kevin talks about his 2010 season and about his love for photography and video production.

  • row2k Interview - Canada's Kevin Light: Part II
    This week's interview is a multi-part feature with Canada's Kevin Light. Light was a member of the Canadian men's eight from 2002 to 2008. In Part II of the feature, row2k chats with Kevin about the eight's approach for Beijing and his most vivid memories of the 2008 Olympics.

  • row2k Interview - Canada's Kevin Light: Part I
    This week's interview is a multi-part feature with Canada's Kevin Light. Light was a member of the Canadian men's eight from 2002 to 2008. In today's feature, row2k chats with Kevin about his Athens experience.

  • row2k Interview - New Zealand's Hamish Bond
    This week's row2k Interview is with New Zealand sweep rower Hamish Bond. Hamish has stroked the Kiwi men's pair to an unbeaten record in international competition the past two years and talks with row2k about what it takes to win at that level and what it was like racing a World Championships on home water.

  • row2k Interview - USA Lightweight Kristin Hedstrom
    This week's row2k Interview is USA Lightweight sculler Kristin Hedstrom. Hedstrom won silver in the LW4x last month at the World Champs as part of the Bellingham Bandits, and chats with row2k about racing in New Zealand with the Bandits, her most memorable races, and how she got her start in sculling.

  • row2k Interview: HOCR Director Fred Schoch
    Everyone knows what Fred Schoch and his team at the Head Of The Charles do in October, but it is what happens the rest of the year that makes it all happen

  • row2k Interview - Cal's Kara Kohler
    Cal rower Kara Kohler just completed an amazing novice year of rowing that saw her go from taking her first strokes ever, to making Cal's top-ranked Varsity 8 and winning a Pac-10 title, to winning a U23 World Championship in the USA W8+ in July. How did Kara find rowing and what was 2010 like for the now sophomore?

  • row2k Interview - Canadian U23 Lightweight Patricia Obee
    19 year old lightweight Patricia Obee has had a busy 2010 so far. Last spring, as a freshmen at Oregon State, she set the freshmen 6k record and raced in the team's Varsity 8+. Then during the summer, Obee raced in the Canadian U23 LW2x and W8+, winning bronze in the eight as an emergency alternate.

  • row2k Interview - Sarah Zelenka
    Sarah Zelenka is a newcomer to the US women's senior national team, but she's already made a name for herself in 2010. Hailing from club program Grand Valley State, Zelenka won two golds at the Lucerne World Cup: a dominating win in the W4- and a come from behind win in the W8+.

  • row2k Interview - Virginia's Jennifer Cromwell
    Virginia's Jennifer Cromwell grew up in a very athletic family and found rowing during high school in Seattle. She has spent the last three seasons stroking the UVa Varsity 8+, and is looking to cap her career in style this spring. The Cavalier senior is the subject of this week's row2k Interview.

  • row2k Interview - HS junior Carolyn Schneller
    High school junior Carolyn Schneller has quickly found success in rowing, finishing second overall in the Junior Women's event at last month's C.R.A.S.H.-B.s. She was the fastest American in the event, representing Western Albemarle; a new program in Virginia. row2k sat down with Carolyn for a quick chat about how she got started in rowing and what her future plans in the sport are.

  • row2k Interview - Williams' Lindsay Olsen
    Alaskan native Lindsay Olsen starting rowing last year as a novice on the Williams women's team. She missed being on the water of her father's fishing boat so decided to give it a try and so far it has stuck. Olsen is the subject of row2k's latest collegiate interview.

  • row2k Interview - Yale's Alice Henly
    This week's row2k interview is with Yale senior Alice Henly. Henly has had a busy three and a half years since enrolling in New Haven; including winning two NCAA championships in the Varsity 8, as well as a win at the 2009 Henley Women's Regatta. This past December, she had the chance to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Denmark.

  • row2k Interview - Michigan State's Monique Carter
    row2k's latest Interview is with Michigan State Junior Monique Carter. Carter learned to row as part of Row New York's first class and after four years with them, earned her way on to Michigan State's women team. row2k talked with her about her high school program and what it took to make the Spartan Varsity 8 as a sophomore.

  • row2k Interview - Yale Heavyweight Antonio Sirianni
    row2k's collegiate preview continues this week, with an interview with Yale senior Antonio Sirianni. Sirianni raced his first race in the Bulldog Varsity this past fall, but his path to Yale's top boat hasn't been the typical road. Antonio began his collegiate rowing career on Yale's Lightweight squad and has gradually worked his way up from the Lightweight 2F to the Heavyweight V8.

  • row2k Interview - Dartmouth's Tanner Mathison
    row2k kicks off our coverage of the 2010 Collegiate racing season with an interview with Dartmouth junior Tanner Mathison. Mathison's father Ralph was a former rower and coach and passed away when Tanner was a boy. In the past two years since Tanner discovered rowing, he's built a connection with his father through the shared experience of the sport.

  • row2k Interview - Greg Hughes on House, MD
    row2k got a quick interview with new Princeton Heavyweight coach Greg Hughes on his brief acting stint in the opening credits of the TV show, House, MD.

  • row2k Interview - Ocean Rower James Ketchell and his Boat 'Speedo'
    James Ketchell is taking on the Atlantic Ocean next month in the 2009 version of the Atlantic Rowing Race. In row2k's first Ocean Rowing feature, we chat with James about some of the challenges of rowing the Atlantic, and some of the hurdles he's had to overcome to get to where is is today.

  • row2k interview - Ellen Kennelly
    Ellen Kennelly is a ten-time Head of the Charles champion in the Women's Club, Masters and Senior-Masters Single, and an accomplished artist. Following the installation of her breathtaking work "Endurance" at Harvard's Weld Boathouse early this fall, row2k caught up with Kennelly on the process of creating the piece.

  • row2k Interview - Mara Allen
    Recent Cal-Berkeley grad Mara Allen has always found a way to be successful at things from the get go, and that has never been more evident than the summer of 2009. Mara made her first Senior national team at the age of 22, and then won a World Championship as the 2-seat of the USA Women's 8+.

  • row2k Interview - Kady Glessner
    A quick row2k interview with recent Northeastern graduate Kady Glessner, who went from rookie on the US Senior team in 2009, to stroking the women's eight to a world championship.

  • row2k Interview - Warren Anderson of the 'Great Eight'
    Curious what it was like rowing in the Great Eight? American single sculler Warren Anderson shared his thoughts with row2k following his weekend with the crew at the 45th Head of the Charles Regatta.

  • row2k Interview - Robert Hannah 100k World Record Attempt
    Ever wonder what a 100k erg test feels like at world record pace? row2k sat down with OSU junior Robert Hannah after he unofficially broke his age group record last month to see how the 100k compares to other tests.

  • row2k Interview - Princeton Lightweight Tom Paulett
    Tom Paulett just finished his senior year as a Princeton lightweight. Paulett sat 5-seat in their Varsity 8 and the crew went undefeated over the year, winning the Head of the Charles, Eastern Sprints, IRA's, and the Temple Cup at the Henley Royal Regatta. row2k sat down with Paulett for a quick interview to get his thoughts on the season and his plans for the future.

  • row2k Interview - Leeanne Crain
    Crain's Sooners have now just completed their first season of competition, and row2k has the exclusive on some of the challenges of starting a Division I program from scratch.

  • row2k Interview - Ron Chen
    Respected rowing referee Ron Chen has umpired at arguably every major championship in North America, and arguably the world, with frequent appearances at World Championship regattas, as well as the Olympics. In his "off" time, Chen has also had a career as a respected lawyer, and in January of 2006 was named the New Jersey Public Advocate.

  • row2k Interview - Michelle Guerette
    USA's single sculler Michelle Guerette has come a long ways since her days at Radcliffe. After racing in the quad in Athens, she quickly rose to be one of the top scullers in the world; finishing third in the single at the 2005 and 2007 World Championships. In 2008, she climbed the ladder even futher winning the silver at the Beijing Olympics.

  • row2k Interview - Cameron Winklevoss
    Cameron Winklevoss had a busy 2008. He and his twin brother Tyler raced as the USA M2- in the Olympics, finishing an impressive sixth place. He also settled a lawsuit with Facebook on the grounds that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg copied their idea in 2004.

  • row2k Interview - Lindsay Meyer
    In 2008, nineteen year old Lindsay Meyer made her first U.S. Senior National team boat, racing in the Women's 4x at the Beijing Olympics. Lindsay's crew placed fifth in the event and this past fall she enrolled as freshmen at Stanford University.

  • row2k Interview - Australia's Drew Ginn
    Drew Ginn burst onto the international rowing scene in 1996, winning Olympic gold as part of the Australia's Oarsome Foursome. He has since followed that up with two more Olympic gold medals in the men's pair in 2004 and 2008; as well as winning five world championships. Ginn missed the Sydney Olympics with a back injury and was almost knocked out of Beijing after rupturing a disc at the start of the regatta.

  • row2k Interview: Chris Clark
    Wisconsin men's coach Chris Clark shares his thoughts on men's rowing and the NCAA, as well some of the factors that help build the 2008 IRA champion Varsity 8

  • The Muffelman Response
    Matt Muffelman was the inspiration for Chris Mare's now famous tattoo that was featured as the row2k Photo of the Day on Monday, January 26. What does Matt think about all this?

  • Mike Caviston: Training with the Wolverine Plan and Working with Navy SEALs
    The heart of January is the heart of winter erg training, and what better way honor the erg than with an interview with Mike Cavistion. Mike is inventor, teacher, and practitioner of the Wolverine Plan, one of the most intense training plans in the sport.

  • Robin Coleman: Dragging Trucks and Crushing Ergs
    Meet Robin Coleman, AKA Hellga from NBC's American Gladiators, and an avid rower.

  • The Tom Weil Collection
    Thomas Weil's rowing collection, split between the Mystic Seaport Museum, the River and Rowing Museum in Henley and his private collection.

  • Tom Weil Q&A
    Mystic Seaport Museum received a substantial collection of rowing artifacts from Thomas Eliot Weil, who lives in Woodbridge, Conn., but has a long and storied career both on and off the water.

  • From Racing Forwards to Racing Backwards: Sean Wolf
    From fifth-boat walk-on coxswain to National Team oarsman: Sean Wolf

  • Matthias Siejkowski
    The original Hammer on what it takes to row a 1:24.2 for 2k

  • Mike Vespoli on the new Millennium
    Mike Vespoli talks about the new Millenium hulls.

  • US Men's Sweep Coach Mike Teti
    Mike Teti talks to row2k in October of 1997 about his crews and the men who row in them.

row2k Book exclusives
row2k Book exclusives:
Rowing Against The Current, by Barry Strauss
  • Rowing Against the Current - On Learning to Scull at Forty, by Barry Strauss.

  • The Red Rose Crew, A True Story of Winning, Women, and the Water, by Dan Boyne

  • Seat With A View: Inside the 1996 U.S. Olympic Men's Crew, by Steve Segaloff
  • row2k Exclusives
    The Coxswain's Voice, Real Audio Files from 1997

    Seth Bauer coxing the 1997 Head Of The Charles®Ten Years After: Seth Bauer coxed the reunion crew of the 1987 US men's 8 that won the gold medal at the World Championships in Copenhagen ten years previously. Pete Cipollone coxing the 1997 Head Of The Charles®Pete Cipollone, four-time World gold medalist, coxed the record-breaking 1997 US Rowing entry in the Charles. The crew was made up of members of the 1997 US Team.

    Listen in as these two US coxswains, World Champions a decade apart, take their crews down the course at the Charles. Read the transcripts from the recorders they carried for us.