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Poem: Moonlit Row; and A Riddle
by Margaret Gregory, Stanton Rowing Club Jacksonville, FL
posted on February 1, 2001

Moonlit Row

Through soft and dew-kissed, misty veil,
With silent strokes, I swiftly sail.
A glassy pool reflects my flight,
The shining stars, and moon, so bright.

The world is sleeping, but not I;
One with water, I start to fly.
None to stop me, I race with time;
Internal bliss, a state sublime.

Each moment sacred in my shell.
The moon shares secrets I'll never tell.
But Dawn will rise, and I must go.
She broke the spell, my moonlit row.


The rosy dawn sends out the call
To wake my children, one and all.
They gather quickly by the shores
In singles, doubles, eights, and fours.

I stretch my arms, away we fly
Race down the course, my kids and I.
We push the limit till day is done
To come again with the morning's sun.

Each day will never be the same.
What could I be? What is my name?

Answer: Rowing (of course)