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RBC Horrorshow: Halloween on the Charles
November 2, 2009
Charles Burckmyer

Zosuls in the coxed single

-Find full results from both the Armada Cup Boston and Peanut Butter cup here.
-See Igor Belakovskiy's photos from the racing here

Hey Riverside / Charles River Folk:

Awesome regatta on Saturday. Captain Pete "Flash Gordon" Morelli and I were totally pumped at how things went off-the volunteers, the costumes, the fast+ furious (yet not equipment-damaging) racing…hell even the weather cooperated.

First, a quick thanks to all our volunteers. I won't try to name all of them, b/c halloween's debauchery seems to have given my memory the beat-down, but I did especially want to thank Ernest for once again managing the RBC club boat fleet, Claire for rallying the awesome breakfast, Rob the Zonder-man for launch driving and scaring everyone, and Rachel Yardy and the timing team for masterfully and swiss-accurately* scoring the performances.

And what performances they were. I get all misty eyed thinking of the 30-deep field for the Armada Cup Boston: a Hawaiian tourist here, a bumble bee there-oh look, there's a dude in gold sequined flashdance 4ss pants! And what's this? What do my keen ears detect? Could it be the Bee Gees' "Stayin Alive" drifting out across the field? But where could it be coming from!? Look over yonder, by Flash Gordon…it's Alecs Zosuls in the "Coxed Single" with a special MIT-grade magic stereo system!! The regatta staff agree, Alecs: that was the best starting line entrance ever.

Sure, there was some 'cheat to win' when moved to a countdown start, but who could blame 'em? The racing went of cleanly, and there were some smoking performances. Top three men: Steve Tucker (28:06), Sean Wolf (28:15), and…feel the burn fellas…Greg Stone at an adjusted 28:20. Ok, Ok Petey, you were third on raw time at 28:32. Nice goin.

Top three ladies were Gevvie Stone (30:16), MJ Gay (30:53) and I think Sarah Perkins at 32:00. Lady Bug, let me know if there was a timing error there.

Speaking of lady bugs: Catherine Infantino earned herself the Navigation award for getting a good piece of the BU bridge abutment with her blade (we're not talking just the tip, people), as well as special mention for the costume. Top costume honors went to Sir Zosuls for said "Boogie Nights" ensemble.

The third running of the Peanut Butter Cup was also hella sweet. I'm trying to take it easy on the hyperbole, but it's tough. I quote co-chair Morelli: "Gotta say that was a friggin' SWEET JAMMY JAM...California surfin' -on the beach-Mommas and the Poppas-baywatchin'-SPF 55-style JAMMY JAM." No joke. Ok, so he was referring to the whole enchilada, but still.

Maybe it was the out-of-the blue potato-cannon-blast start, or watching the Convicts realize the race had left without them. Maybe it was the beautiful fall sunshine on a twenty-strong mixed 2x fleet. Or perhaps it was seeing team Wicked Witch/Dorothy (aka Pete + MJ) tomahawk to starboard, pinning podium hopfefuls Skip/Liane into the Cambridge shore and somehow not destroy anything. My b, that definitely wasn't it. Must've been seeing the Boston Tea Party-top costume honors-steaming through the BU bridge, eagle feathers and tea-bag riggers wavering in the breeze.

I'll cut myself off and get to the results: first was Chris "Cumulonimbus" Storm and Catherine Infantino-again as ladybug (8:40), with Andrew Hashaway and Hillary Saeger in preppy popped collars just a half second behind. Not to be outdone-with a real costume, unlike 2nd place-was a thrown-together-that-morning peanut butter jelly time combo of Igor and Malyka (8:51).

Pete and MJ get special mention for top finish for racers that competed in both ACB and PBC, although they are assessed mad demerits for their reckless endangerment on the course. Speaking of which, Liane and Skip get the Navigation prize for still managing a top-ten finish after getting the short end of the stick in that fiasco. I'm pretty sure it was Russ Cone and Freddie Garnier kicked it revolutionary style with the Tea Party. Runner-up was Steve Tucker and Michelle Guerette with "under construction" - caution tape was bangin!

Thanks again to all. See attached for detailed results and a few great shots courtesy of Igor Belakovskiy and MJ's sis. If you've got any suggestions for improvements next year (not including whiney stuff we don't want to hear), please email Pete or me.

-RBC Halloween Regatta Squad

* A couple PBC times seem to have disappeared. If you know their whereabouts, please contact me.

Find full results from both the Armada Cup Boston and Peanut Butter cup here.


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